Fumiya Tanaka ‎– DJ Mix 1/2 [Mix.Sound.Space]

Dream Machine ‎– HDCA-10102/10103, Torema Records ‎– TRMCD001
2 × CD, Compilation, Mixed

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21.12.2001 - 7 Hours @ Liquid Room/Tokyo 10:30
1-01a John Harding Vintervarm
1-01b Rue East After Hours
1-01c Daze Maxim Things To Stay Differently
1-01d Basic Channel Phylyps Trak II
1-01e Benjamin Wild Tango/Snarewürfel
19.3.2002 - I Like @ Club Rockets/Osaka 15:18
1-02a Philippe Cam Caddie's Day
1-02b Rue East After Hours
1-02c Stewart Walker Clinicalism
1-02d Fumiya Tanaka Drive #9 (2)
1-02e Akufen Severed Finger Samba
1-02f Fumiya Tanaka Phase
31.12.2001 - 2002 Count Down @ The Garden Hall/Tokyo 13:34
1-03a Echoplex Divisible (Trk A)
1-03b Gez Varley Violator (Stewart Walker Remix)
Remix – Stewart Walker
1-03c Stewart Walker Contrast.Tension.Release
1-03d Deetron Robotics
1-03e Fumiya Tanaka Late Night
22.12.2001 - Chaos @ Club Rockets/Osaka 10:54
1-04a Basic Channel Phylyps Trak II
1-04b Maurizio M5
1-04c Twerk Unit-Onjer
1-04d Cold Dust Remixes A1
1-04e Robert Hood Spectra EP Untitled
19.3.2002 - I Like @ Club Rockets/Osaka 10:47
1-05a Snooker Boy H.B. Love
1-05b Philippe Cam LFO Drive
1-05c Archetype The Invisible Man Return B2
1-05d Grain B2
1-05e Jackmate Catch 22
15.12.2001 - Mix Up Night @ Loft/Lausanne 10:06
1-06a Fumiya Tanaka Go Out
1-06b Rino Cerrone Intense Flood
1-06c Phase* Module Overload EP B2
1-06d Echoplex 2.1 Red
1-06e Marco Carola Body Dancer
3.8.2001 - 7 Hours @ Liquid Room/Tokyo 11:19
2-01a Twerk Bass Fishing
2-01b Twerk Chilli Charm
2-01c Atlon Inc. Room Nr. 1
2-01d Rotorik Z-Machine
8.12.2001 - Unknown Possibility Vol. 2 Release Party @ Tresor/Berlin 18:34
2-02a Stewart Walker Cleopatra's Needle
2-02b Jeff Mills The Deep
2-02c Atlon Inc. At The Supermarket
2-02d Christian Wünsch Anagram
2-02e Sutekh Deuterotype
2-02f Stewart Walker Ghost Stations
2-02g Fumiya Tanaka Go Up
3.8.2001 - 7 Hours @ Liquid Room/Tokyo 12:35
2-03a Kit Clayton Duplicateadress
2-03b März Ranking + Rating
2-03c Daze Maxim Things Stay Differently
2-03d Kid606 Whereweleftoff (Fortune Cooke Remix)
Remix – Atom™
2-03e Akufen Fishtank
22.12.2001 - Chaos @ Club Rockets/Osaka 9:56
2-04a Jeff Mills Axis 009 A2
2-04b Stewart Walker Opposite Day
2-04c Rue East After Hours
2-04d Robert Hood Spectra EP Untitled
2-04e Rue East Tension
21.9.2001 - Birthday Party 01 @ Club Rockets/Osaka 9:57
2-05a Ben Nevile Multiple Snoop
2-05b Crane A.K. Monostatic
2-05c Process Densit
2-05d 2 Dollar Egg Green Apple
23.9.2001 - Birthday Party 01 @ Club Rockets/Osaka 15:30
2-06a The Advent Sketcherzmain
2-06b 3ST vs. Dash Internal Error (Stewart Walker Remix)
Remix – Stewart Walker
2-06c Fumiya Tanaka Go Up
2-06d Alenia Kial 06 B1
2-06e Oliver Kapp Sonera
2-06f Stewart Walker Songs Without Climax
2-06g Fumiya Tanaka For Set #1c



CDs are split into 6 Tracks containing Excerpts from different gigs all over the World.

There is an error on the package's tracklisting, which indicates Track 2 C on Disc 2 is Atlon Inc.'s "At The Supermarket"; it is actually Atlon Inc.'s "Dark Was The Night" from the Portman EP (FIM 177).

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