Funkadelic ‎– First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate

C Kunspyruhzy Records ‎– CKY003
3 × CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak

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1-01 Baby Like Fonkin' It Up
Co-producer – Sly StoneDrum Programming [Additional] – Ricky TanMixed By – Barrence DupreePerformer [Man In The Box], Keyboards [All], Synth [Bass] – Sly StoneTrombone – Fred WesleyTrumpet – Whitney RussellVocals – Barrence Dupree, Bouvier Richardson, Brandi "Nakid" Scott, Ebony Houston, Garrett Shider*, George Clinton, Gilberto R Fuentes, Miranda Mimms, Rey Joven, Sa'D "The Hourchild" Ali, Sidney Barnes, Sly Stone, Tonysha Nelson, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – G.Clinton*, G.Fuentes*, N.Carmel*, T.Lewis*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
1-02 Get Low
Mixed By – Barrence DupreeProgrammed By [Music Programming] – 13teenSynth [Bass], Synthesizer – Danny BedrosianVocals – 13teen, George Clinton, LaShonda Clinton, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – G.Clinton*, LaShonda Clinton, T.Parks*, T.Lewis*
1-03 If I Didn't Love You
Co-producer – Sly StoneInstruments [All] – Sly StoneMixed By – Niño Villanueva*Vocals – George Clinton, Mary Griffin, Sly StoneWritten-By – N.Carmel*
1-04 Fucked Up
Bass – Hunter DawsDrums – Nestor Mumm-AltuveKeyboards – Kennedy JacobsMixed By – Laurent DahyotVocals – Barrence Dupree, Bouvier Richardson, George Clinton, Robert "P-Nut" JohnsonWritten-By – B.Richardson*, G.Clinton*, R.Johnson*
1-05 Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You? (We Ain't Neva Gonna Stop Remix)
Co-producer – T-MixFeaturing – Ice Cube, Kendrick LamarInstrumentation By [All Instrumentation On Remix] – Tristan "T Mix" Jones*Mastered By – Chris GehringerMixed By – Leslie BrathwaiteProduction Manager [Production Coordinator] – Tony Draper (3)Vocals – 13teen, Brandi "Nakid87" Scott*, Ebony Houston, G Koop, Garrett Shider, George Clinton, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, Rey Joven, Ricky Tan, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Sidney Barnes, Tonysha Nelson, Tristan "T Mix" Jones*Written-By – G.Clinton*, K. Duckworth*, O. Jackson*, R.Mandell*
1-06 I Mo B Yodog Fo Eva
Guitar – Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*Mixed By – Barrence DupreePiano, Keyboards, Synthesizer – Danny BedrosianProgrammed By [Music Programming] – 13teenVocals – 13teen, Barrence Dupree, Ebony Houston, George Clinton, Larry Grams, LuShawn Clinton, Rey Joven, Sa'D "The Hourchild" AliWritten-By – G.Clinton*, T.Parks*, T.Lewis*
1-07 In Da Kar
Co-producer – Soul ClapDrum Programming, Handclaps – Eli GoldsteinDrums – Max MacVeetyGuitar, Keyboards, Handclaps – G KoopHandclaps – Will Thoren*Mixed By – Anthony Caruso (2), G KoopProgrammed By [Music Programming] – Charles LevineSynth [Bass], Synthesizer – Sly StoneVocals – George Clinton, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Tonysha NelsonWritten-By – C.Levine*, E.Goldstein*, G.Clinton*, N.Carmel*
1-08 Radio Friendly
Mixed By – Larry FergusonMusician [All Music] – Josef Leimberg, Stan "Quazedelic" Harris*Vocals – Chico DeBarge, El DeBarge, George Clinton, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – G.Clinton*, T.Lewis*Written-By [Contains An Interpolation Of "Ain't Nothin But A Jam Y'all"] – G. Clinton*, M. McClain*, R. Harris*, S. Martin*
1-09 Mathematics Of Love
Co-producer – Bobby Eli, Sly StoneKeyboards [Additional] – Chris "Big Dog" DavisMixed By – William Tyler PeltPiano, Keyboards, Strings, Synthesizer – Corey "Funkfangaz" Stoops*Synth [Bass], Keyboards, Synthesizer [Additional Keys And Synthesizers], Producer [Additional Production] – Sly StoneVocals – Garry Shider, George Clinton, Kim Burrell, Mary Griffin, Sly StoneWritten-By – G.Clinton*, N.Carmel*
1-10 Creases
Co-producer – Del Tha Funkee HomosapienMixed By – Del Tha Funkee HomosapienVocals, Drum Programming, Programmed By [Music] – Del Tha Funkee HomosapienWritten-By – G.Clinton*, T.Jones*
1-11 Not Your Average Rapper
Co-producer – G KoopMixed By – G KoopProgrammed By [Stem Cells Programming], Drum Programming, Keyboards [Additional Keys] – G KoopSynthesizer – Danny BedrosianVocals – Brandi "Nakid" Scott, George Clinton, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
2-01 First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate
Co-producer – Soul ClapDidgeridoo [Didjeridoo] – William ThorenDrum Programming [Additional] – Barrence DupreeDrum Programming, Programmed By [Music Programming] – Soul ClapMixed By – Barrence DupreeStrings, Bells – Danny BedrosianVocals – George Clinton, Tonysha NelsonWritten-By – C.Levine*, E.Goldstein*, G.Clinton*, T.Lewis*
2-02 Roller Rink
Bass Guitar – Lige CurryCo-producer – Mark BassDrum Programming – Dwayne Dungey, George ClintonDrum Programming [Additional] – Ricky TanMixed By – G KoopPiano – Danny BedrosianVocals – Belita Woods, George Clinton, Jessica Cleaves, Kendra Foster, Kim Manning, Michael Patterson (10), Paul Hill, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Steve Boyd, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – G.Clinton*, K.Foster*, R.Johnson*, T.Lewis*
2-03 Jolene
Bass – Anthony NickelsDrum Programming [Additional] – Barrence DupreeDrums – Savar MartinGuitar – Brad (Scarface) Jordan*, Corey "Funkfangaz" Stoops*, Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*, Garry "Starchild" Shider*Mixed By – Barrence DupreeTrombone – Andre Grant (2)Trumpet – O.J. (12)Vocals – 13teen, Barrence Dupree, Bouvier Richardson, Dayonne Rollins, Garry Shider, George Clinton, Kathryn Griffin, Mary Griffin, Sa'D "The Hourchild" Ali, Scarface (3), Sidney BarnesWritten-By – Brad Jordan, George Clinton
2-04 Nuclear Dog Part II
Didgeridoo [Dijeridoo] – William ThorenDrums [Drum Parts], Synth [Bass], Synthesizer – David Lee Spradley*Guitar – Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*Guitar [Additional] – Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*, Traf Lewis*Mixed By – Laurent DahyotVocals – Howard Mann (3), Navid Movistavi, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – G.Clinton*, T.Lewis*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
2-05 Dirty Queen
Bass [Additional] – Bora KaracaDrums [Additional] – Rudge RavinewoodDrums, Bass, Guitar – Traf Lewis*Featuring – God's WeaponGuitar [Additional] – Cliff MilesMixed By – Bora KaracaViolin – Jay GoldenVocals – Adam Maloney, Ali Schlick, Traf Lewis*Written-By – Trafael Lewis
2-06 You Can't Unring The Bell
Bass Guitar – Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn*Co-producer – G KoopDrums – Donald Duck Bailey*Guitar – Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*Horns [Additional] – Lincoln AdlerKeyboards – Graham Richards (2)Mixed By – G KoopPiano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer – Danny BedrosianProgrammed By [Music Programming], Drum Programming, Guitar – G KoopSaxophone – Maceo ParkerTrombone – Fred WesleyTrumpet – Rick GardnerVocals – 13teen, George Clinton, Rey Joven, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Tonysha NelsonWritten-By – G.Clinton*, Graham Richards (2), R.Johnson*, R.Mandell*
2-07 Old Fool
Co-producer – G KoopDrum Programming [Additional] – Ricky TanMixed By – Barrence DupreeProgrammed By [Stem Cell Programming], Drum Programming, Bass, Keyboards, Synth [Additional Keys/Synth] – G KoopSynth [Bass], Synthesizer – Danny BedrosianVocals – 13teen, Brandi "Nakid" Scott, Ebony Houston, G Koop, Garrett Shider*, George Clinton, Ricky Tan, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Sidney BarnesWritten-By – B.Scott*, G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*
2-08 Pole Power
Co-producer – G KoopGuitar – Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*, Trafael LewisKeyboards [Additional], Horns, Guitar [Additional] – Anthony Caruso (2)Mixed By – Barrence DupreeProgrammed By [Music], Drum Programming, Bass, Keyboards [Additional Keys] – G KoopSynth [Synth Leads], Piano, Synth [Bass] – Danny BedrosianVocals – 13teen, Dayonne Rollins, Ebony Houston, George Clinton, Patavian Lewis, Paul Hill, Rey Joven, Sa'D "The Hourchild" Ali, Sidney Barnes, Tonysha Nelson, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – A.Caruso*, E.Houston*, G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis*
2-09 Boom There We Go Again
Bass, Percussion – William "Bootsy" Collins*Co-producer – G KoopKeyboards, Synth – Danny BedrosianMixed By – Barrence DupreePercussion – Gary "Mudbone" Cooper*, Larry FratangeloPiano, Synthesizer [Arp Pro Soloist] – Bernie WorrellProgrammed By [Stem Cells], Drum Programming, Guitar [Additional], Bass, Keyboards – G KoopVocals – 13teen, Brandi "Nakid" Scott, Danny Bedrosian, Dayonne Rollins, G Koop, George Clinton, Ray Davis, Rey Joven, Ricky Tan, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Tonysha NelsonWritten-By – G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*
2-10 As In
Bass Guitar – Cordell "Boogie" Mosson*Drum Programming [Additional] – Barrence DupreeDrums – Tyrone LampkinFeaturing – The Detroit Symphony Orchestra*Guitar – Michael HamptonMixed By – Laurent DahyotPiano, Keyboards, Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Bernie WorrellStrings [Additional], Violin, Soloist [Violin Solos] – Lili HaydnVocals – Dayonne Rollins, George Clinton, Jessica Cleaves, Rey Joven, Robert "P-Nut" JohnsonWritten-By – G.Clinton*
2-11 Bernadette
Arranged By [Strings, Brass And Woodwinds] – Mike TerryCo-producer – Mark BassDrum Programming, Synth, Bass, Keyboards – David SpradleyFeaturing – The Detroit Symphony Orchestra*Keyboards, Synthesizer, Melodica – Danny BedrosianMixed By – G KoopVocals – George Clinton, Jamie "Kpeezy" Kaposta, Pat LewisWritten-By – E.Holland/L.Dozier/D.Holland*
2-12 Meow Meow
Bass, Guitar – William "Bootsy" Collins*Co-producer – G KoopMixed By – G KoopProgrammed By [Stem Cell], Drum Programming, Piano – G KoopSynthesizer, Keyboards – Danny BedrosianVocals – 13teen, Brandi "Nakid" Scott, Buster The Cat, G Koop, George Clinton, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Tonysha Nelson, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – B.Scott*, G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
3-01 Catchin' Boogie Fever
Co-producer – G KoopDrum Programming, Programmed By [Music Programming], Guitar – G KoopDrums – DJ Toure*Effects [Sound Efx] – David SpradleyMixed By – Barrence DupreePercussion – Larry FratangeloSaxophone – Maceo ParkerSynthesizer – Danny Bedrosian, Graham Richards (2)Trombone – Fred WesleyTrumpet, Trombone – Dave Richards (9)Vocals – Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis*
3-02 The Naz
Instruments [All], Backing Vocals – Rob ManzoliMixed By – Rob Manzoli, Sue ManzoliVocals – Sly StoneWritten-By – Lord Buckley, N.Carmel*
3-03 Talking to the Wall
Bass Guitar – Rodney "Skeet" Curtis*Drum Programming – Sa'D "The Hourchild" AliGuitar – Garrett Shider*Mixed By – Ricky TanPiano, Strings – Danny BedrosianVocals – Dayonne Rollins, Garrett Shider*Written-By – Garrett Shider*, G.Clinton*
3-04 Where Would I Go?
Bass Guitar – Rodney "Skeet" Curtis*Drums – Nestor Mumm-AltuveLead Guitar – Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*, Michael HamptonMixed By – Barrence DupreeRhythm Guitar – Garrett Shider*Synth [Synth Leads], Piano, Clavinet [Clav], Strings – Danny BedrosianVocals – Garrett Shider*, George Clinton, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Sidney BarnesWritten-By – Garrett Shider*, G.Clinton*
3-05 Homicide 7:57
3-06 Zip It
Bass Guitar – Jimmie AliCo-producer – G KoopDrum Programming [Additional] – Barrence DupreeGuitar – Jerome AliMixed By – Barrence DupreePiano – David SpradleyProgrammed By [Music Programming], Drum Programming, Bass, Keyboards – G KoopVocals – Beobe Jones, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis*Written-By – G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis*
3-07 The Wall
Guitar – Jerome RogersKeyboards, Drum Programming, Programmed By [Music Programming] – Ricky TanMixed By – Ricky TanVocals – George Clinton, Rey Joven, Sidney Barnes, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – D.Hollis*, G.Clinton*, J.Rogers*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
3-08 Snot n' Booger
Drum Programming [Additional] – Ricky TanGuitar – Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight*Mixed By – Double D (30)Sampler [Samples], Drum Programming – George Clinton, Sa'D "The Hourchild" AliSynthesizer [Synthesizer Pads] – Jerome RogersVocals – 13teen, Dayonne Rollins, George Clinton, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Ron Ford, Sa'D "The Hourchild" Ali, Sidney Barnes, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – G.Clinton*, T.Lewis*
3-09 Yellow Light
Co-producer – Sly StoneDrum Programming [Additional] – William Tyler PeltMixed By – William Tyler PeltPerformer [Man In The Box], Synth [Bass], Keyboards – Sly StoneSynthesizer, Synth [Bass] – Danny BedrosianVocals – Sly StoneWritten-By – N.Carmel*
3-10.1 Dipety Dipety Doo Stop The Violence
Guitar – Eddie HazelKeyboards, Synth [Bass] – David SpradleyMixed By – Barrence DupreeProgrammed By [Music Programming], Drum Programming, Keyboards – G KoopSynthesizer – Danny BedrosianVocals – Brandi "Nakid" Scott, Garry Shider, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Sidney Barnes, Tonysha Nelson, Tracey "Tra'Zae" Lewis-Clinton*Written-By – B.Scott*, G.Clinton*, R.Mandell*, T.Lewis-Clinton*
3-10.2 (silence) 0:34
3-10.3 Message From George (Interlude)
Vocals – George Clinton
3-10.4 Ain't That Funkin Kind Of Hard On You? (Louie Vega Radio Mix)
Remix – Louie VegaVocals – Kendrick Lamar

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This is a digipak version and was released two years after the original one.

Two track changes were made on this release. "Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You?" was replaced with the Ice Cube/Kendrick Lamar remix. And "Yesterdejavu" was replaced with the track "Homicide", although the back cover and booklet still states "Yesterdejavu".

There's also a hidden interlude and track after the last song on disc 3 (which the original release lack). The interludes title is taken from the release description.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 8 87158 99762 4
  • Barcode (Scanned): 887158997624
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LN09
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI J105
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): 01/18/2016 12:20:38.38#47328 2880966 01
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): 01/18/2016 01:26:57.57#47330 2880977 01
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): 01/18/2016 12:37:06.06#47329 2880988 01