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October 24, 2005
edited over 7 years ago
referencing Rogue Comet / Changes In State, 12", 720 010

The mysterious halo of a smoothed yet epic distant choir opens "Rogue comet", pushing one's imagination around an higher scale !!! Effect is marvellous, as several other elements take place. The bass, very basic in contrast to the colourful soundscape, seems to be a thicker extension of the drums'heavy pulse.
A trancey incursion soon develops as wet cascading glissandi of fx drip and add their detailed texture to the sound delight !!
Pure class !!!!

"Changes in state" plays in the same field.
The sounds here are even more abstract and polished, production is perfect, clean, even "clinical" I would say ... But thanks to the bass formula it avoids being too cold. In fact the low register is multidimensional : there are at least two basslines that combine, intermodulate, enriching each other with personality.
It's interesting to notice that this bass construction would further form the basis for "Organism", on their single that was to follow on 720 Degrees.
This proves the big ability of F.E. to recycle their own material (as one can hear too for instance in the discreet relationship between "Time in space" and "Void.com", two excellent and subtle other tracks, different to the exception of one specific sound).

Two big ones that still deserve attention.


August 22, 2002
referencing Rogue Comet / Changes In State, 12", 720 010

A sumptuous pulsing bass initiates an unstoppable rhythm, keeping a tight and adrenalised groove. A deep, subaquatic feel builds as layers become gradually introduced, filtered snippets of melody looping in and our of orbit. An addictive, interstellar hook glides over diving waves of fx and echoes of sound submerged in the mix - creating a space odyssey to set sparks flying.

A tightly programmed, solid rhythm kicks off this high-octane track, melting into a filtered melodic loop before the arrival of a relentless analogue bassline, screaming into the mix to make hair stand on end. Electric and shape shifting, this is an explosive slice of future music, currently tearing up dancefloors as an integral part of Blame's set.