Fyarl ‎– Voodoofag

Cassette, Single Sided, Limited Edition, C90
Memory Stick, MP3, 320 kb


CS1-1 Untitled
USB1-1 Untitled 1 0:02
USB1-2 Untitled 2 0:04
USB1-3 Untitled 3 0:02
USB1-4 Untitled 4 0:02
USB1-5 Untitled 5 0:02
USB1-6 Untitled 6 0:02
USB1-7 Untitled 7 0:07
USB1-8 Untitled 8 0:09
USB1-9 Untitled 9 15:11
USB1-10 Untitled 10 6:57
USB1-11 Untitled 11 8:10



Limited to 3 numbered copies. Comes with a printed A4 sheet that explains the story behind the title. The cassette and flash drive are held together by rubber bands.


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August 7, 2014

This is a really excellent release from one of the more obscure artists in the current Dutch noise scene, issued in a small edition of 3, each consisting of a tape and a flash drive. The sounds are varied, though they have some noticeable similarities - the sound is pretty lo-fi throughout and consists mostly of crunchy lower range rumbles and higher piercing sounds, irregardless of the sources used. I know Frank has used some pretty unexpected sources in the past, and doubtlessly there's quite a few here, too. Ultimately, it's all filtered to sound like something fairly uniform though, and it's this type of muddy, lo-fi, phone-recorded sound which really makes the whole thing come together nicely and which lends it a very particular, gritty charm. On the longer tracks, all sorts of noises - crunchy amp rumbling, improvised percussion, piercing squeals impossible to identify - get blended together in tracks that manage to capture a spirit essential that I really like to come across: that of the absolute urge to make noise. It's not about fancy pedals. It's not about fancy production. It's not about fancy aesthetics. It's about making a fucking ruckus the best way you know how. Frank knows how. The final track on the flash drive consists of a 8-minute loop of Frank saying Voodoofag, repeated in such a manner and at such a pace that the meaning and sound of the word become detached and it becomes something wholly different, new and alienating. Nice job.