G-Hörsturz ‎– Complete Works

Scrotum Records ‎– Hode 134
3 × Cassette, C90
Cassette, C120
All Media, Compilation

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No Words - No Music - No Sense Demo (Demo 1)
A G-Hörsturz Untitled 39:53
Welcome To The Therapy (Demo 2)
B G-Hörsturz Untitled 45:04
Crush The Mega Machine (Demo 3)
C1 G-Hörsturz Untitled 29:57
The Last Extreme Expressions (4 Way Tape)
C2 G-Hörsturz Psychologische Seite 14:04
The Highest Form Of Culture (Demo 4)
D1 G-Hörsturz Untitled 29:38
The Powerlessness... Make Us Furious! (7")
D2 G-Hörsturz Untitled 12:06
The Kulture Shot Compilation 7"
D3 G-Hörsturz Both Sides Of Insanity 3:53
Split Tape With Militia Act
E1 G-Hörsturz Massmedia & The Universal Manipulation Through Industrial Conciousness Machinery 16:36
Split Tape With Lasse Marhaug
E2 G-Hörsturz Noise Terrorism Act 2 26:32
Mail Collaboration Inferno (7")
F1 G-Hörsturz Untitled
Featuring [Collaboration With] – Lasse Marhaug
Split Tape With Pasztörözött
F2 G-Hörsturz UIndustrial Terror Against Industrial Terrorsystem 30:15
Morphem 8.1 Compilation & Pure Fucking Chaos Compilation
G1 G-Hörsturz Battered Morality 3:18
Collaboration With Sonic Disorder
G2 G-Hörsturz Noise Terrorism
Featuring [Collaboration With] – Sonic Disorder
Penus Rectus Compilation
G3 G-Hörsturz Noiseterrorism 4:33
Noizeart 2 Compilation
G4 G-Hörsturz Untitled 1:26
Fracticide Compilation
G5 G-Hörsturz More High Noise 3:29
No More Music Compilation
G6 G-Hörsturz The Negation Of The Industrial Mega Machine 10:04
G7 Lasse Marhaug Tribute To Ecological German Harsh Noise
Remix [Rework] – G-Hörsturz
Life In The Psychotic Mega Machinery
H1 G-Hörsturz Untitled 21:12
H2 G-Hörsturz Untitled 9:30
H3 G-Hörsturz Untitled 21:17
H4 G-Hörsturz Untitled 9:00



A: Recorded 23.11.91 and released by No Pomfrit Produkt 001.
B: Recorded 25.05.92 and released by No Pomfrit Produkt 002.
C1: Recorded 09.04.93 and released by No Pomfrit Produkt 003.
D1: Recorded 15.04.94 and released by No Pomfrit Produkt 004.
D2: Released by View Beyond Records.
D3: Released by A.I.P.R.
E1: Released by Protest Product 1995.
E2: Released by Scrotum Records.
F1: Released by View Beyond Records.
F2: Released by Head Erosion Tapes.
G1: Released by RFTS & Pure Fucking Chaos Recordings.
G2: Self-released.
G3: Released by New Noise.
G4: Released by Beer Records.
G6: Released by Onkel Tuka Tapes.
G7: Reworking of "Battered Morality" by Lasse Marhaug.
H: Released by Mother Savage Noise Productions.

Packaged in a VHS case including cassettes and 2 folded A4 info-sheets.