GBC Dance Band* ‎– Old Hits By Joe Eyison Vol. 1

Eyima ‎– EML 01
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Auntie Christie 2:49
A2 Ponko Abo Dam 3:02
A3 Wonkyere Abofra Nyame 3:12
A4 Lie Lie Fight 3:04
A5 Saana Owu Bo Fie 2:46
B1 Abonsam Fireman 3:52
B2 Oba Dzeseefo 3:18
B3 Obra Ronwe Me 2:55
B4 Nyimpa Dasanyi 3:22
B5 Awuraba Artifical 2:25

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Album Production & Supervision Ghana Showbiz Promotions Agency (GASPA)
Writing the liner/sleeve notes for this L.P. poses several questions - what is the calibre of the musicians? Who performed? Who composed these golden oldies? Why the revival of popular songs of yesteryear? What is the message and to whom is this album directed?
Now let me endeavour to find answers to these questions. This L.P. which is aptly titled "Old Hits By Joe Eyison" is of course meant for you. The connoisseur of the happy go lucky carefree music of West Africa. "The Highlife" which incidentally has its firm roots here in Ghana. Perhaps this is why Ghana can boast of such prolific Highlife composers like Joe Eyison whose fertile imagination and pen produced all the 10 items on this album.
At the age of 41 Joe Eyison has been involved in the music business for some 15 years after Joe's primary education at Cape Coast and Takoradi Methodist Schools he took up odd jobs here and there. One time a chorister and at another time graduating to become part time music instructor.
In 1956 Joe the young man of music decided to take up music seriously and as his career and there has been no turning back. Joe has since earned himself an enviable reputation as one of the leading highlife composers in Ghana with several hit-songs to his credit. Many best selling records released by the uncrowned king of highlife E. T. Mensah and his Tempos Band, The Ramblers and E. K. Nyame's Bands, C. K. Mann and his Carousel 7 have come from the fruitful and rich pen of our composer Joe Eyison.
Joe writes songs that have instant appeal to both musicians and the ordinary music enthusiast. I find in his songs a fantastic sense of humour. He picks on everyday events in life, slogans and catchphrases of the day and then with this resourceful witicisim writes a catchy melody and weaves it into his lyrics.
Take the 1st track on this L.P. Auntie Christie. A song that deals with the vital statistics of a woman and that incidentally is Joe's musical picture of the kind of woman who appeals to the average Ghanaian man. This lady has some flesh on her with emphasis on her posterior which shakes like jelly whenever the lady steps in style. The basic line here is "Auntie Christie you got what it takes generally, but you surely knock me out, you blow my mind with your buttocks."
This is one example of Joe's creation. The rest of the numbers on this album have similar qualities, flair and appeal, and that is why they were all highlife hits.
Helping Joe to revive these all time best sellers is the G.B.C. Orchestra which in my humble intimation possesses unprecedented musical and professional discipline. The G.B.C. Orchestra can also be said to boast of the cream of ghanaian musicians.
Art Bennin a veteran guitarist who's seen service with some of the best known names in West Africa and one time leader of the sensational, matured and heavily jazz orientated Dominant 7th of the early 60's.
Amon Quartey a versatile musician who is sat home on alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, and an excellent flutist. Slim Bright whose contribution as a bassist in the original Uhuru Band is yet to be equalled. Ray Ellis a pianist with distinction and several years experience as a soloist, an accompanist and the boss of the rhythm section in the orchestra. Sammy Lartey is in a class of his own and it would take a book to write about him. Suffice to say Sammy is known in music circles as the musician's musician.
Now if I add that Sammy Lartey has scored, orchestrated and tailored the numbers on this L.P. specially with these musicians in mind. Then you can rest assured that you're in for a treat and if the singing also makes an impression on you. It's because once again you have two of Ghana's much respected and most sought after singers handling the lyrics with feeling or to use the jargon of today. Pat Thomas and Ed Ntreh as vocalists are taking care of business. I have also done my bit, I have endeavoured to answer the opening questions. I have introduced to you the talents who have come together to produce this album. It's your turn now it's for you to get more acquainted with the songs on this L.P. which needs no introduction because they are all hits.
This is a collector's item.
This is a revival.
This is your album
Come on, get it on and live it up
Epew Wo Ho!