Gaë Bolg ‎– Live à L'Etang Moderne - Rochefort En Terre

Not On Label ‎– Moi001
DVDr, Limited Edition, Numbered, Unofficial Release


Part I : Le Livre Des Grimaces
1 Interlude - HaHa HaHa 04:59
2 Interlude (excerpt) 00:13
3 Interlude - La Grimace de la Curiosité 03:20
4 Interlude - Prions ! 04:12
5 Interlude - La Grimace de la Mélancholie 09:22
6 La Grimace de l'Effroi 03:34
7 Interlude - Horreur ! 08:00
8 Interlude - Tous les Grimaciers... 06:37
Part II : La Nef Des Fous Part III - Les Ephémères
1 Les Ephémères 21:23
Part III : The Gaë Bolg Experience
1 Intro - Untitled 10:15
2 La Grimace de la Curiosité 02:57
3 be checked... 03:17
4 be checked... 04:28
5 be checked... 02:29
6 be checked... 05:03
7 Mariage Pour Tous 05:43
8 La Complainte Du Fou (excerpt) 00:51


Fan made DVDr, only 3 produced : 1 for Gaë Bolg, 1 for the maker of the DVD and 1 for a close friend.

Filmed during the (almost) 20th Gaë Bolg Anniversary on the 14th of March 2015 gig at L'Etang Moderne, Rochefort En Terre, France

This gig comprised 3 distinct parts :
-Part I : Le Livre Des Grimaces (a play for small and grand children)
-Part II : La Nef Des Fous Part III - Les Éphémères (Chamber Music for guitar and keyboards)
-Part III : The Gaë Bolg Experience (70's Psychedelic Rock Reworked versions of tracks from Gaë Bolg and Gaë Bolg & The Church Of Fand)

The DVD also contains a gallery containing pics from all the evening and called "Monuments dans la Prairie" in reference of the Part II introduction by Gaë Bolg.

The cover and inner pictures as well as the Image burnt on the DVDr were made upon/taken from pictures found on the Facebook page of the venue (L'étang Moderne).

As the Font used to make the Lightscribed image on the DVDr didn't allow accents and apostrophes, there is 3 different "finishing". As you can see on pics N°1 has a Red finishing, N°2 has a Black one and N°3 has a blue finishing.