Gangrene Discharge ‎– A Collection Of Trauma

CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Complete Callousness Towards The Humane
2 Malignant Blood Neoplasm
3 Effective Vermin Control
4 Gnarled Gangrenosum
5 Fresh Remains In The Wood Chipper
6 Pus-Filled Afternoon
7 Kaleidoscope Organs
8 Trapped... Tortured
9 Abdomen Disposal
10 Maggoty Vomit Skidmarks
11 Facial Stabbing
12 Tonguing Puncture Wounds
13 Playtime With Loose Innards
14 Battered With Blocks Of Frozen Puke
15 Intro
16 Bile Duct Extraction
17 Jugular Contusion
18 Infected Urethreal Drainage
19 Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy Kit
20 Delicious Tumor Treats
21 The Warmth Of Her Organs
22 Lucifer Wants His Reese's
23 Mutilate That Piggy
24 Stab.Fuck.Stab.Rape.Repeat.
25 Catharsis In Mass Butchery
26 Festering Lymphomic Pustule
27 Huffing Ptomain Fumes
28 Vulvas-In-Shoebox Collection
29 Subacute Myocarditis
30 Peculiar Bloody Steatorrhoea
31 Obligatory Castrations
32 Outro
33 Jesus Weeps When You Touch Yourself
34 Conduct An Autopsy
35 Smelly Septic Ulcer
36 Pyemetic Maggot Excretion
37 Stench Of Carnal Excrement
38 Intro
39 Proctophobia / Fear Of Rectum
40 Corpse Genitals On My Face
41 Kitchen-Knife Oophorectomy
42 Erotic Bowel Leakage
43 Outro
44 Spread Cancer (Knuckledragger Cover)
45 Righteous Inhumanity
46 Larynx Detachment
47 Innards In The Cupboard
48 Open-Cavity Hors D'oeuvers
49 Chainsaw Self-General Surgery
50 Fun With Dead Things
51 Execution
52 Verminal Pelvic Stomatitis
53 Games Of Mutilation
54 Lengthy Torture Manoeuvre
55 Excrescent Corroded Kidneys (instrumental)
56 Rigorous Disembowelment
57 Hypertrophic Palpitations
58 Endotracheal Accident
59 Untitled
60 Dragging The Entrails As I Go (Live-in-studio Rehearsal)



CDR with B/W pro-cover, limited to 333 handnumbered copies. First 33 comes in a special DVD package with extended artwork.
All material puked-up in 2014.
Trx 1-14 taken from the "Effective Vermin Disposal" EP CD, officially released by
Regurgitated Stoma Stew Prods.
Trx 15-22 taken from the split CD/tape w/ PYEMESIS, officially co-released by
Regurgitated Stoma Stew and GrindFather Prods.
Trx 23-32 taken from the "Gangrene Discharge Sucks" promo CDr EP, officially released
by Regurgitated Stoma Stew Prods.
Trx 33-37 taken from the "Disgusted Yet?" mini-promo CDr, officially released by
Regurgitated Stoma Stew Prods.
Trx 38-43 taken from the "Urocystic Myllomosa" promo CDr, officially released by
Regurgitated Stoma Stew Prods.
Trx 44-46 taken from the split download w/ APOCALYPTIC NOISE SYNDICATE by Abstract
Trx 47-50 taken from the split CD w/ PUTREFUCK, officially released by Henfucker Recs.
Trx 51-54 taken from the split CDr w/ DISSOLVED, officially released by Regurgitated
Stoma Stew Prods.
Trx 55-58 taken from the 3-way split CD w/ PILOCYSTIC ASTROCYTOMA and WRONG ILLEGAL
ABORTION PROCEDURE WITH ALARMING CONSEQUENCES, officially released by Neurotic Anger Prods.
Track 59 leftover from the "Effective Vermin Disposal" recording session, previously
Track 60 live rehearsal track, previously unreleased and recorded @ The GrindShed.

Bobby Maggard - all crap, funky beats, and fartbox.
All musick written by B.Maggard, except "Spread Cancer" by Colt Astor/B.Maggard.