Gary Numan, Various ‎– Dance 2012 30 Years Fan Tribute

Numanme ‎– nu-me 04
2 × CDr, Album, Compilation, Unofficial Release


1-1 Brian Challis Slowcar to China 8:40
1-2 Aaron Clague Night Talk 3:31
1-3 The DMB Experiment Subway with vocals 5:54
1-4 El Greebo Cry The Clock Said 3:32
1-5 Paul Hurst (2) Shes Got Claws 4:55
1-6 ANA Crash 5:09
1-7 Timothy Eilers Boys Like Me 4:12
1-8 Matt Jessup Stories 5:18
1-9 Evil Alter Ego My Brother's Time 5:30
1-10 JazzyGB1 You Are, You Are 2:58
1-11 Jon Heath Moral (feat. Matt Jessup Vox Mix) 5:41
1-12 Geared Stormtrooper In Drag 7:03
1-13 Scorbie Face To Face 3:53
1-14 Brian Challis Dance 3:27
1-15 Inca Airport Exhibition 4:11
1-16 Numanme I Sing Rain 5:53
2-1 Zer0sum80 Dance + My Brothers Time 3:39
2-2 Synthsound1 Dance 2:33
2-3 The Manitou Featuring Jimmy Aaron My Brother's Time 5:40
2-4 Nuways Cry, the clock said (Cover by Nuways 2009) 5:41
2-5 Timothy Eilers She's Got Claws vs. Cars 4:18
2-6 Young Things Don't Scream Crash 3:16
2-7 Geared Boys Like Me 3:24
2-8 Ireplicant Stories 3:44
2-9 Jon Heath Featuring Brooke Mitchell My Brother's Time 4:30
2-10 Jagged Halo uk Cry The Clock Said 3:54
2-11 Geared Moral (Romantic Mix) 5:52
2-12 Matt Jessup/Scorbie/David Ansara & The Apparently Dead/Bill Davies Stormtrooper In Drag Mix 4 6:29
2-13 Phil Marsh Face To Face 3:26
2-14 jagged Halo uk Dance 2:40
2-15 Brian Challis Moral 3:12
2-16 Numanme I sing rain 3:01
2-17 Paul Hurst (2) A subway called 'you' 4:38


Gary Numan has influenced fans and creators of electronic music for over three decades. Many of these individuals are now members of the Numanme Forum, a site where they continue to forge friendships and display their talents. The fruits of these influences now come to the fore, Numanme presents 'Dance 2012' a diverse and accomplished collection of covers of Numan's classics album 'Dance'. This collection from members of the Numan community is a warm tribute to the album and to the man himself.

Gary Numan was never one to shy away from change, with each new album came a new image and musical style. The 1981 'Dance' album was no exception, 'Dance' contained a collection of sombre tracks, a haunting masterpiece and arguably Numan's best work lyrically; each song has its own story line of broken relationships, the New Romantic movement and people meeting in cafes but still expressed with Numan's trademark.

This CD-R is to celebrate the coming of age of the album which is 30 years old.