Gelsomina ‎– Pythogenetics: Collection

Turgid Animal ‎– TA285
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This compilation collects selected tracks from the following releases:

01. Over The Alps In A Wooden Vessel
Crossroads Noise 3" CD-R, Freak Animal Records

02. The Green Dome
V/A World End Broadcasting CD, Apocalyptic Radio

03. Filmland Depravity 2
Filmland Depravity CAS, Unrest Productions

04. Elephant's Funeral
Santa Sangre 3" CD-R, Mask Of The Slave

05. 1 to 100
Richard Ramirez Split CD-R, Deadline Recordings

06. Tugai
V/A Music Makes A Quiet Mind CD-R, Musically Incorrect Records

07. Earth is our Sinful Song
Deus Ex Garbage Can CAS, Turgid Animal

08. The Dust of Serpent
Crossroads Noise 3" CD-R, Freak Animal Records

09. Killing Yourself to an Empty Stage
Nkondi split CD-R Sunsetboulevard, dollfullofrivets

10. 100 Windmills
Greenaway CD-R, Multi National Disaster Records

11. Cut Off Her Arms!
Santa Sangre 3" CD-R, Mask Of The Slave

12. The Obscene Animals Enclosure (edit)
Greenaway CD-R, Multi National Disaster Records

13. Operation Morgenluft
V/A Northern Unlights CD-R, Musically Incorrect Records



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February 21, 2019
edited 3 months ago

I've only recently discovered Gelsomina while delving into the Finnish Noise scene but there is a wealth of material released by this artist that I'm excited to discover.

This CD collects an overview of compilation and limited CD-R tracks which were only available previously in limited numbers. I think what makes this project stand out is the attention to detail while never losing focus of keeping a track visceral. Each track successfully blows your hair back while drawing your attention to the details buried in the mix. The linear notes contain anecdotes from Mikko Aspa and Pasi Markkula and I think Mikko says it well when he says, "It is no surprise that I felt slightly annoyed, that such quality material is being thrown down the drain, on tiny, non-existent CDR labels who barely bother to distribute their own release."

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish, or at least explain in an review, what sets one harsh noise artist apart from another. This compilation stands as a persuasive document to why Gelsomina should be revered among his peers.