Gen Ken* ‎– The One Sided Triangle



1 Nothing Wrong With A Leak In Time Overspill Is A Natural Occurence
2 A Slow Gathering Of Information Upscales The 3rd
3 Disturbance In The Towers And The Aftermaths
4 Static Indifference Overcomes Inapprorpiate New Technologies In Times Of Need
5 This Is Confrontation
6 Faster Ping Ping Kill Kill!
7 In Case Thought About Drifting
8 I Shall Ring My Bell
9 Ooze Not The Ozone
10 Simultaneous Discoveries Anybody?
11 The Cheese And The Unknown Strings
12 Metal To Keep The Time
13 No Nothing In The Glove, Nothing In The Field
14 Walking Under The Runway
15 Oh That Illusive Steam
16 Sometimes Energies Collide
17 Regulated Traffic Lights On A Precipice
18 The Race To Warm Up
19 Again?
20 Again? #2
21 Given The Chance To Be Clear Would You
22 Conversation In TwoRooms With Low Ceilings, No Windows And A Very Short Hallway Inbetween
23 On The Way To The Chinese Tornato I...
24 Over The Falls In A Barrel
25 Who TAckles Tones? Toniutti Collects Stones
26 ___________
27 Climbing Teufel's Berg From The Top
28 Killing Time


Recorded at Con's Studio Berlin 8/88

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Gen Ken Montgomery
118 East 4th ST. #11
New York City 10003