Gene Hunt ‎– Comin' Your Way

Svek ‎– SK003
Vinyl, 12"


Recorded in Chicago.


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May 23, 2016
Would "Get Freeky" be sampled from Fingers Inc. - I'm Strong? Or is this a well known synth preset?


August 29, 2014
one of my favorite house records ever


May 14, 2008

Oh what a good record this is, super strong sound and clean production keep this a top notch piece of vinyl. Ive played this out many times and always have someone peeking over the decks to see what this is, no matter which tune is playing, any 3 of these will be music to the ears of electronic music buffs<br>
Jazzie is my favorite track, its rather timeless with a solid house feel but no cheese factor. With one of the best sounding beefy big 808 bass drums I have ever heard, it cuts thru the mix and powers the song right into the wide eyed listeners as they smile at the rib pounding kicks. The synth riffs are definitely jazzy and while kind of mellow they do have enough spice to make a memorable impression. Very good programming and while being a simple tune, Jazzie is something that just sounds amazing and its for many reasons. Think of early morning or fat minimal sounds with a bit of house sounds creeping in over some techno'ish drums, its just superb.

Comin Your Way is solid and has a great vocal hook and some weird percussion to liven things up, very cool song.

Get Freaky is something you can fit into a Robert Armani style set, it has the clashing snares and sizzling hihats that really bring out an oldschool feel and toughen the tune into techno status. The wobbling bassline certainly is "freaky" and is just another way you'll hear Gene Hunt come up with something special. This guy is a solid producer and this record is an A+ in my book, 3 tunes that he can hold high with pride.