General Mumble ‎– A Year and a Bit of Compo

Mumble Etc. ‎– none
33 × File, MP3, Album, Compilation, 320 kbps

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1 General Mumble Never Enough Sleep 1:53
2 General Mumble 2 L w/it 1:52
3 General Mumble 153 Miles From Hope 3:24
4 General Mumble Marks, Man! 1:42
5 General Mumble Unparell8 1:37
6 General Mumble Jimi Fucking Hendrix busts your Hymen with a Shovel 2:11
7 General Mumble Silent Impact 2:17
8 General Mumble Run161 2:22
9 General Mumble Song of Brainstorms 0:33
10 General Mumble Through the Aegis 3:10
11 The Queenstons ft. Casey LaLonde One Life (General Mumble remix)
Remix – General Mumble
12 General Mumble a deep morning in final reflection 2:57
13 General Mumble Descent 1:18
14 General Mumble The fight against STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS 1:08
15 General Mumble Inter-dimentional Butthole 2:37
16 General Mumble Wasting My Time 1:18
17 General Mumble Bellowing Butts 1:45
18 General Mumble Another Drop in the Ocean 1:33
19 General Mumble a driving dick up the ass 1:31
20 General Mumble Pb1c 4m 2:00
21 General Mumble Rollin' & Coastin' 1:14
22 General Mumble AAAAAAA 1:16
23 General Mumble Free or Fall 1:04
24 General Mumble 000000 3:02
25 General Mumble Skin of The Devil 1:59
26 General Mumble Bad Pitt 1:45
27 General Mumble Nictitating 2:17
28 General Mumble Sawrm 1:03
29 General Mumble Niagara Nightfall 1:33
30 General Mumble Clint's Pacemaker 2:18
31 General Mumble Caveat Nautilida 1:50
32 General Mumble Party of Zero 3:38
33 General Mumble Elysium Winter 1:42


This is a compilation of every song I have submitted for the weekly One-Hour-Compos at
I don't participate every week due to it starting at 2AM my time.
Every song here is made in approximately one hour, except "The fight against STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS", which was made in 17 minutes due to a daylight savings error on my part, resulting in missing almost the entire compo.
Some of the songs on here are early versions of songs that are now fully completed, and are likely in their own album or EP. Some of the songs on here are really really awful and will never be touched again. Some of the songs on here might see further production in the future, and some are pretty good as they are. And of course, some songs are just really stupid and laden with farting.
It's a mixed bag, and should not be considered an actual album. It's just an interesting listen of stuff I made while half asleep between 2AM and 3AM.
All tracks on this compilation are listed under the General Mumble alias, even if their finished versions elsewhere are under different aliases.
If you are new to my music, THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM FOR YOU, GO GET SOMETHING ELSE. "FOWL PLAY" would be a good start.
Be sure to check the included text file for a look into where all these tracks are now, if anywhere.