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1 Dukebar 1:57
2 Marks, Man! 1:25
3 Silent Impact 2:17
4 Song of Brainstorms 0:33
5 Tank Invades Equestria 1:05
6 A is for APPLE, B is for LSD 3:07


Sometimes I get tired of trying to make things catchy or tuneful, and just need to take a big musical dump.

Think of this EP as a ten-minute swim through a bucket of those dumps.

If you don't like noisy music or the word "fuck", this EP probably isn't for you.

I would also like to make it VERY CLEAR that this EP does NOT mark a change in direction for my music. Like I said. It's just a healthy, cathartic purge of musical faeces.

I'd like to thank sci for introducing me to the weekly One-Hour-Compos that I participate in sometimes. A lot of these tracks come from trying my best to make something in the space of an hour at 2 in the morning.

Thanks to Robochivulture for recording a bunch of samples of him saying "fuck" for Song of Brainstorms.

Kil6969 and Interrobang Pie can be credited for Tank Invades Equestria, since all I did was take a section of the song, add reverb and slow it down.