Genocide* / MIA* ‎– Last Rites For Genocide And MIA



Last Rites For Genocide
Genocide* Teenage Girls
Genocide* Manson Youth
Genocide* Bad Name
Genocide* Peggys Got A Problem
Genocide* Gonna Fight
Genocide* Overthrow The Government
Genocide* GTO
Genocide* Syphillis Strain #5
Genocide* Period
Genocide* And
Genocide* Endless Party
Last Rites For MIA
MIA* Tell Me Why
MIA* Gas Crisis
MIA* Cold Sweat
MIA* I Hate Hippies
MIA* Angry Youth
MIA* All The Presidents Skin
MIA* Fucking Zones
MIA* (I Can't Take It) No More



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August 7, 2021
referencing Last Rites For Genocide And MIA, LP, SMK7-104

MIA is the winner here, raw & catchy So-Cal HC and a total classic that can hold it's own against the Samoans, Red Kross etc. I Hate Hippies is one of the Great Punk Hits. Genocide are a bit more generic sounding, mainly due to sloppy production. The vocals are reminiscent of Capitulation era Crucifix, but lacking in power. 8/10