Geoffrey Giuliano, John Lennon ‎– Kaleidoscope Eyes

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1 Introduction By The Author
2 Throughout 1969 Lennon Was Extremely Close With Apple Man Derek Taylor, In This Press Conference You Will Hear Both Derek And Yoko
3 Lennon Comments On The Fallout Of Brain Epstein's Untimely Death
4 John Reacts To The Suggestion That He And Yoko's Avant Garde Films Are Painfully Reminiscent Of The Cinematic Work Of Andy Warhol
5 Back In 1969, John Lennon Was Even Considered Outrageous To The Art World And Quite Regularly Upset Even The Anything Goes Garde
6 Lennon Sounds Off On His Views Of Apple And The Rather Consistent Problem Of Pulling Any Real Money Out Of The Firm
7 John Describes The Couple's Work As A Kind Of Living Diary Of Their Unconventional Life
8 One Of Lennon's Great Priorities Circa 1969 Was Working To Expose The So Called Art Myth, Which Is, That Only Very Special, Highly Sophisticated People May Participate In The Creative Process. He Also Talks About His Ongoing Peace Projects With Yoko
9 John Discusses What's Up For The Beatles In '69
10 To Lennon Peace Marches Were Old Hat And His New Bed-In Concept Offered A Fairly Simple Alternative For Anyone That Wanted To Take Part In This Type Of Protest, He Explains
11 Controversial As Their Relationship Was In The Beginning, John Was Desperately In Love With Yoko, He Explains The Unique Attraction
12 Here We Learn How Yoko's Appearance In John's Life Affected The Leader Of The Beatles. Lennon Also Comments On The Future Of The Group
13 Over And Again John's Relationship With Yoko Is A Point Og, At Least In 1969 Discussion, Lennon Comments
14 And What Will Become Of The Beatles Now That John Is So Otherwise Preoccupied With His New Wife? He Responds
15 Ever Since The Beatles Laid Down Their Instruments Forever Following Their Final Performance At Candlestick Park In San Francisco In 1966 Journalists Bombarded Them With Questions About A Panic Reunion. Here Lennon Faces The Controvesy Head On
16 'Let It Be' Seemed To Be Both The Best Of Times And Worst Of Times For The Beatles. Lennon Explains The Fairly Convolted Project
17 John Comments On The Beatles' Ever Evoling Style
18 In This Rare Piece Lennon Discusses The Unexpected Impact Of 'Sgt Pepper' And What It Meant To Him
19 The Lennon's Second Bed In Was Held In Montreal, Canada On May 26, 1969. Much The Same Content As The First, The Only Significant Difference Was The Attendance Of An Array Of Celebrities Matching Wits With John And Yoko Including Cartoonist Al Capp, Tommy Smothers, Dr. Timothy Leary As Well As The Montreal Chapter Of The Radha Krishna Temple. The Unquestionable Highlight Of The Event Was The Communal Recording Of "Give Peace A Chance" Live From The Bedroom. In This Interview Lennon Takes Time Out To Preside Over Lively Telephone Press Conference Broadcast Throughout North America
20 One Of Those Closest To The Beatles Musically Back In 1969 Was Keyboard Legend Billy Preston Who Played With The Group Extensively During The 'Let It Be' Sessions In London. When "Get Back" Was Released It Was Promoted As "The Beatles With Billy Preston" It Bacame Rather A Point Of Controversy With The Media And Many Fans. Lennon Explains Both The Billing And The Relationship
21 John Is Asked To Explain Just Exactly What He Feels Constitutes A Beatle
22 Lennon Explains The Creation Of The Now Classic, "The Ballad Of John And Yoko"
23 "And What's It Really Like To Be A Beatle, Mr. Lennon?"
24 John Drew On A Vast Field Of Sensory And Intellectual Experience When Composing. John Responds To A Reporter's Queries Concerning The Effect Of Mantra (And Thus Repetition) On His Work
25 One Of The Terms Coined By John Back In The Late Sixties Was 'Philosorock', Let's See What John Has To Say About It


Audio Book on CD written and narrated by Geoffrey Giuliano.
Here, for the first time, the Fab Four's flamboyant leader speaks out on a variety of issues including peace, War and the Beatles enduring legacy.

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