George Burns ‎– A Century Of George Burns

Polygram Special Markets ‎– IAC 333


1-1 I Wish I Was Eighteen Again
1-2 As Time Goes By
1-3 You're Nobody 'till Somebody Loves You
1-4 Old Bones
1-5 The Only Way To Go
1-6 A Real Good Cigar
1-7 Forgive Her A Little (And Love Her Alot)
1-8 The Arizona Whiz
1-9 Old Dogs, Children, And Watermelon Wine
1-10 Nickles And Dimes
1-11 Here's To My Friends
1-12 The Good Old, The Bad Old Days
1-13 Jody And The Kid
1-14 Inflatable Dream
1-15 One Of The Mysteries Of Life
2-1 Young At Heart
2-2 Ain't Misbehavin'
2-3 The Old Fashioned Way
2-4 Using Things And Lovin'people
2-5 Willie, Won't You Sing A Song With Me
2-6 It's Good To See You Smilin' Again
2-7 Here's To The Man In The Moon
2-8 Just Send Me One
2-9 Everybody Needs A Rainbow
2-10 Hearts (Are For When You Want To Love Someone)
2-11 Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott
2-12 Waitin' For The Sun To Shine
2-13 Kids
2-14 Frog Kisisn'
2-15 The Baby Song
3-1 The Beverly Hills Uplift Society Has
3-2 Just Been Turned Down By Congress
3-3 For An Approppiation
3-4 How Will They React?
3-5 Continued
3-6 The Beauty Shop
3-7 Continued
3-8 Continued
3-9 Opening Theme
3-10 George And Gracie Have Just Returned
3-11 Home From A Vacation In Palm Springs
3-12 And Recount The Trip For All.
4-1 Intro
4-2 George's Insurance Problems/ Gracie
4-3 And The Girl Scouts
4-4 Continued
4-5 George, The Baker
4-6 Continued
4-7 Continued
4-8 Continued
4-9 Continued
4-10 The Calender Mystery
4-11 Continued
4-12 Continued


Sealed box set. Track list needs to be updated with an opened copy.