Gilson* Et Malagasy ‎– Gilson Et Malagasy

Jazzman ‎– JMANLP 065
5 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Box Set, Limited Edition


A1 A Tana
A2 Avaradoha
A3 Chant Inca
A4 Sodina
B1 The Creator Has A Master Plan
B2 Malagasy
Malagasy At Newport-Paris
C1 Newport Bounce
C2 Salegy Jef
C3 Solo Frank
C4 Buddah's Vision
D1 Veloma Lava
D2 Veliha Del
D3 Requiem Pour Django
D4 Dizzy 48
D5 1973
Madagascar Now Maintenant 'Zao
E1 Valiha Ny Dada
E2 Katramo
E3 Hommage A Rakotozafy
E4 Amore Ny Canal
F1 Del-Light
F2 O Ambalavoa "City"
F3 Rotaka (Fais Peter)
Colchiques Dans Les Pres
G1 Colchiques Dans Les Pres (Live)
G2 Unknown I
H1 Unknown II
H2 Unknown III
Les Touches Noires
I1 Chant Inca (Live)
I2 Dizzy 48 (Live)
I3 Prelude En Sol Mineur (Live)
I4 Les Touches Noires
J Unknown IV
Bonus 45
K The Creator Has A Master Plan
L Pemba


Includes download code and 15 page booklet.

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JMANCD 065 Gilson* Et Malagasy Gilson* Et Malagasy - Gilson Et Malagasy(3xCD, Album, RE + CD, Album + Box + Dlx) Jazzman JMANCD 065 Europe 2014 Sell This Version


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December 21, 2014
i just read now all the feeds, unfortunatly after buying such an "amazing" artifact ?!

apart from been such a poor edition (they had never heard about printed inner sleeves ?!), also sound wise it's pretty disappointing ?! i'd hear some back hiss plus what really surprised me (and nobody mentioned that) is that the track unknown IV it's NOT a single track (1st part end at around 9 min.) BUT two TOTALLY DIFFERENT tracks put together in such an uncool way (i wonder if Mr. Gilson supervised the process ?!) ! try this: put the 1st part of unknown IV AFTER unknown II (it'll still make a one-side)... does not sound right and more in tune now to you ?! = in my modest opinion these people have NO real experience in making fine records and you'd clearly see that while browsing their 90% copy&paste catalog.

while looking at their site for the 1st time, it's also pretty evident to me what's their real passion is: MONEY and EGO TRIPPING. how many pic of our hero you'd find in his site ?! i wonder what's the real meaning of that pic in "shhh attitude" ??! smell arrogant (try a much professional label like Soundway for example and see how many pic you'll find of Mr. Cleret).

our genious also "suggested" that you'd return the box if unhappy for refund... i tried to return the "poor imagination" box (how much imagination and creativity you need to put 5 LP in plain black sleeve inside a box and reissue 3 LP that had already been issued before ?! boh ? PLUS the 4th LP has one live piece while the 3 other live pieces are on the 5th LP ??! WHY, for example, not put all the live tracks TOGETHER in a single LP ? does not make more sense ?) and the record shop owner of course said to me that he don't know anything about that, no notice from the label ???! as i imagined... VERY wise&professional "suggestion" sir ! is there an address to where i'd resend back for refund ?

jazzman records (jazzman ??! Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre is a Jazzman... respect) ? NO thanks

finally: i read a review by a "music critic" on Forced Exposure site of that box which read like "add another two LPs of previously-unheard treats, and you are talking “value” with a capital “V." Amazing ! and this "Even if you already have the three released LPs, this stuff will validate your purchase." cool, how much nonsense they wrote just for selling (OUT) ! he also add "This set, with its detailed liner notes and pieces put together AT RANDOM*, is a super interesting piece of the Euro Jazz puzzle." ????! but they think we're all stupid ?!

*my additions


August 1, 2014
Knowing a little about what it took to put this together, I must stress that the 1,000s of dedicated man-hours of hard work, beyond any sensible call of duty, fuelled by admiration and love for the man and his music, that was necessary to bring this set into being is not adequately represented by the comments about the size of the paperwork. There’s nothing ‘cheap’ about the way this came to be.
I think the booklet does what it is meant to do: inform the reader about Gilson and Malagasy and put it into proper perspective - which is not a function of its size.
Some album art is reproduced in the booklet and, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t challenge for prizes. Plus it would have cost way, way more in the end.
If the stress is on Gilson and Malagasy's wonderful music rather than frivolous expensive artwork... I would say it's unimpeachable.
Someone commented below that it might be good to wait for a 'proper release'. Believe me this *is* that proper release.


August 1, 2014
Sorry to those who are disappointed, if not happy I suggest you send it back to where you bought it from for a refund. I can't help but think that some of the negative comments have been made without much thought as to the work that has gone into this project and the costs and 'imagination' required simply to make it happen at all.


May 5, 2014
edited over 3 years ago
crazy how prices vary, I purchased mine for 50 GBP, essential release if you ask me. stupid RSD, flippers buy and resell. even some record stores sell overprized sometimes.
can't complain on the finish of the box at all. it's all about the music. the covers for those original records were nothing special either.
grab a box for 100€ and you are still fine if you are a music lover. if you want to stare at some fancy artistry, visit a gallery...


May 3, 2014

Well, how to say...? Disappointment is the best word for it. Not for the music nor the box, but here in Germany the box was a smashing 99,99 Euro, equals a fair 150 US Dollar....
For that money I had expected minimum a booklet with 12" not 7" size. And as an asset the three cover as a print... if it was to much to reproduce the original sleeve...

Nonetheless, still happy to have received the box. A real essential for friends of ethnic influenced jazz from Africa


April 29, 2014

Oops, it is a 5LP Set + Single. Sorry about that. You can't edit comments? What am I, on Yahoo?


April 29, 2014

Although I am not going to disagree bobbk except with his rating, The set would have cost much more to produce, and would have been even more expensive if it was more lavish.
How many people are running out and buying Gilson's stuff? You have to take that into consideration as well. Much of his stuff is unavailable because the demand is small.
I buy, resell, and collect. So I took my shop some stuff in trade, or cash, and I took the trade. I think I had $25 in what I took the shop. And got a couple other things. So I might not be as jaded as bobbk, and I though I would mention how I got the set for reference.
I will take some stuff down this week and pick up one of the CD Sets. Maybe.
Advice, learn how to buy without ever having buyers remorse.


April 29, 2014

Disappointing release. The box contains 5 LPs in plain black inner sleeves, a 7” in a plain sleeve and a 7” size booklet. The music may be great but what’s the point of re-releasing “the 3 original LPs from Malagasy ” (to quote the Jazzman website) without their covers? Even a 12” booklet would have been something. If you’re looking for these albums on vinyl and can’t afford the originals, hold off until somebody takes the time to give these albums the re-issue they deserve.


April 27, 2014

I can only suspect mr-pharmacist did not like the packaging? The music on this set is excellent. The vinyl is not 180G, but it is well pressed with excellent playback. The Box is well made. The book is lacking. It's a little bigger then pamphlet size. 15 pages. And the bonus single (4LP Set + 45) is in a plain white sleeve. Why not get a little more creative. I know it didn't come in a picture sleeve but so?
Interesting that more people are listing the vinyl as opposed to the CD set. My local shop had two of the vinyl box sets left, and three of the CD Sets.
Still a cool set.