Ginger Wildheart* ‎– Bonus Demos - Wherever You Go, There You Are / Lively Boy

2 × File, MP3, 320kbps


WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE – One of the ‘Barnsley demos’ recorded by Jason Sanderson. I honestly can’t remember recording this one although I do remember exactly where I was when I wrote it. A friend from England moved to LA, became something of a social success and subsequently did nothing but complain about how much she missed being back home. Careful for what you wish for n’ all that, eh?I’d forgotten all about this song until Kris Coverdale sent it to me for G·A·S·S· notes. I absolutely love this track, to the point where I don’t think a re-recording would do it any justice. I hope you enjoy it too.

LIVELY BOY – The bedroom version of the Mutation track. While the sonics are obviously under par in comparison I actually think this has a lot of charm that was lost in the all singing-all dancing Frankenstein Effect version. Originally planned as part of 555%, I think we made the right decision leaving it for a project that echoed its inherent weirdness.
I always liked this song, which was initially written when standing between three rooms of a record store listening to three different songs playing at the same time. Try it sometime, it’s brilliant fun.