Glamorous Hooligan ‎– Wasted Youth Club Classics



Hooli Cool Downbeat 7:40
Billy Liar Does De Niro 7:31
Stoned Island Estate 6:51
Lazy Bomb 7:45
New Age Pension 6:43
Pure Fiction 5:45
Tokyo Heartwash 7:33
Next Steppas 5:24
Naked Beat Box 7:02
Charlie Don't Cybersurf 7:02


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January 27, 2013
referencing Wasted Youth Club Classics, CD, Album, MOB CD 007

Some gritty downntempo funk from Glamorous Hooligan on their debut WASTED YOUTH CLUB CLASSICS. "Hooli Cool Downbeat" gets the ball rolling with some bounce-oriented funk, while "Billy Liar Does De Niro" brings in a electro-ska vibe, even as it smooths out halfway through. The slow chug of "Lazy Bomb" sounds ready to explode at any moment, while "Naked Beat Box" gets dirty and grunty. "New Age Pension" gets into a more straightforward 4/4 beat, and "Tokyo Heartwash" completes the house feel. And "Next Steppas" piles in the breakbeats to accelerate things, while "Charlie Don't Cybersurf" goes full-on acid techno. But the dark growl and beckoning horns of "Stoned Island Estate" bring in a magnetic pull that even the punkish rap can't dissipate. An overlooked club classic, to be sure.


August 11, 2008
referencing Wasted Youth Club Classics, CD, Album, MOB CD 007

Horrible, terrible, weird stuff that really sounds like music for the 'hooligans' depicted on the front cover. It is kind of like cyber punk. There are elements of breaks, jungle, house, and downtempo in there. Tokoyo heartwash is my favorite listen, but it is kind of cheesy and not too great. The tune is housey and dreamy, but not instantly appealing. Not really worth your money unless it is second hand and cheap.