Glenn Branca ‎– Audio Zine #1

Staaltape ‎– none
Cassette, C60


A City of Music
B Paris - New York / D.C. Sept. 30 2012


"The first issue of Staaltape’s Audiozine is titled: Glenn Branca. And here is why: At the end of the month September 2012, the French-Dutch alliance D I K T A T performed at the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington D.C. The Glenn Branca Ensemble performed at that same festival, two days after Diktat had opened it. The Diktatorians soon became frequent occupiers of the back stage room, for it was the only place where they could drink the beers they had bought outside. It is here they met Glenn Branca. Jean Bordé, the double bass player, was the spokesman for the group. Two other members were too busy recording the whole situation. Parts of Glenn Branca’s evenings performance ended on the dictaphone as well.

The fourth member – me. Rinus van Alebeek, took those recordings home. I needed them for the preperation of the Audiozine ‘Diktat in America.’ I started working on this issue instead.

Glenn Branca is a black chrome cassette of 60 minutes.