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February 3, 2011
referencing Submissions 1, 12", SUB1

This is seriously one of the best DJ utensils I own. Side A kills it with a "ooh yeah ah-hah yeah" sample from A Guy Called Gerald's Voodoo Ray, complemented with pounding tribal percussion. While this track defines just about anything but originality, it's a club cut set out to raise the bar a few steps higher! Great loop, slamming percussion topped off with a God sent sample - this rocks!
The B side lays it down though, with two tough, dry and banging cuts out to rock the most stubborn crew of them all.
By the time B2 is reached, there's barely any excuse if your feet aren't in a perpendicular universe having the the time of their life. Enough.
Let's cut the poetry out, and get right to it. There are releases which rely on a single track, then there are releases where all tracks rely on each other even if not all of them are up to expected standards... now we cut to the chase!
Both of these tracks have some explosive stuff going on, and believe me, they're as banging as we want them to be. Great drive, overwhelming bass lines with effective breakdowns taking place in order for "the showdown" to come at you!
Tribal techno with a harder repetitive edge and a well deserved pause here and there to enable the crowd to grasp a breath of fresh of fresh air and prepare themselves for a new aural avalanche!
Bottom line would be that if you liked any of the Planet Rhythm/Compound releases, then you seriously need this. Not as hard as Wilson's Heroes' output, not as purely tribal as the Template stuff, this is an immaculate hit splitting the previous ones in half.
My favorite being the B2 track, with its window shattering kick, marching loop and what not - I ask you what could it...?
Bottom lines is: when people talk about those really worthwhile tools, they must be referring to "Submissions 1" even if they're not fully aware of it. Why?
Mainly because this is one of those releases which successfully join dance floor demands with living room visions of where techno music must go...
If you want to hear the difference between run of the mill club fodder and effective, useful, most-own DJ tools, I'd seriously suggest starting here!