Global Communication ‎– 76:14

Dedicated ‎– DEDCD 014
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1 4 02 4:02
2 14 31 14:31
3 9 25 9:25
4 9 39 9:39
5 7 39 7:39
6 0 54 0:54
7 8 07 8:07
8 5 23 5:23
9 4 14 4:14
10 12 18 12:18



Recorded between 91 and 94 at Evolution, Crewkerne.
Track title names equal the length of the respective track in minutes and seconds.
The "voices": The 'Russians', Riley, Laurance, Joost, Minta, Martin El Bandito, Nick, Hannah, Hasmine, Morwenna and Jessica.

Track 6, "0 54", is a message in different languages, recorded from telephone-calls made to several people all over the world. The dutch voice by "Joost" is confirmed to be DJ Joost.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned): 5020752795905

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
SBLCD5008, SBLCD 5008 Global Communication 76 14 + Maiden Voyage(CD, Album + CD, Comp) Sublime Records (3), Sublime Records (3) SBLCD5008, SBLCD 5008 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
DEDLP 014 Global Communication 76:14(2xLP, Album, RP) Dedicated DEDLP 014 UK 1998 Sell This Version
DEDMC 014 Global Communication 76:14(Cass, Album, Promo) Dedicated DEDMC 014 US 1994 Sell This Version
DEDCD 014 Global Communication 76:14(CD, Album) Dedicated DEDCD 014 US 1994 Sell This Version
DK 464 / DK 465 Global Communication 76:14(CD, Album, RM + CD, Comp, RM) Unknown (DK) DK 464 / DK 465 Russia 2005 Sell This Version

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June 1, 2015
edited 12 months ago
My daughter was born to this LP so it will always be intrinsically linked with that beautiful life changing experience.

Even without that, i still consider this album a masterpiece. Selected Ambient Works deservedly gets a lot of credit but Mr D James is a bit of a one trick pony in comparison to the sprawling works and sheer variety of output from Tom Middleton and (and more importantly) Mark Pritchard.


March 26, 2014
This release is divine. Really, really special. Probably the best fusion of sparse beats (when available) with drifting ambience that is constructed in a very clever and inventive way, which is why it is a joy to listen to over and over again. Crucially, this was released in 1994, a year i remember as the big records companies, stung by not picked up on House, rave and baggy quickly enough to harvest the money, were avid to push Ambient and IDM (hate that term) as the new big thing. Remember virgin's spiffing AMBT series launched that year? This was when there was the frisson of excitement and possibilities in the zeitgeist, and experimentalism was bankrolled. Not like now, alas. So this is very much of it's time and a leading contender for the forerunner, along with Aphex, Seefeel's 'Quique', and Irresistible Force's 'Flying High', and The Orb, of the perfect time(less) capsule; and also transcends it by being a gem that comes up fresh as paint each listen.


May 12, 2013
I don't even deserve to post a review here. I feel so small and void compared to this outstanding release. Like a breakfast kiosk against a skyscraper.

If someone follows (or have read) my reviews, then either he or she knows that I say this quite often, but let's be honest: this is art. Period. People obviously have opinions, I know a few guys around who have found this mediocre or poor, but...respect this release please. There is a certain reason why 76:14 comes up in literally all "top XY ambient albums of all time" lists, general electronic music recommendations, why this one is rated at 4.72 / 5 right know, based on 870 ratings (and no, it is not hype).

Call me stupid, call me small-minded, but albums like this one always make me realize one of the aspects of life: it has this splendid abstraction called music. Music is something that you either like or don't. Generally speaking, this is music, but - and this is the point in my opinion - if you enjoy it, you will enjoy it big time. This is a higher state...I'm a dude in his early twenties, so, obviously, I won't cry, but deep inside it really drives me there.

I'm not sure how well this one aged, and frankly I don't care. I have discovered it like eight years ago, I've gone through the discography of BoC, Mr. Eno, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Amon Tobin, you name it, and this LP stayed with me; so, when it comes to me, it stood the the test of time, definitely. I have never even considered the option that this one is outdated or redundant these days. It's an everlasting ordinance of ambient music. I highly recommend this to anyone, irregardless of age, mood and musical interest.

5 / 5, uplifting

Favourites: can't point out a single track, this is what came to my mind right now. Ask me a minute later, and this would be different:

- 9 : 25
- 7 : 39
- 9 : 39
- 4 : 14

Thanks for reading.


May 29, 2012

Music can be divided essentially into two categories. Beautiful and ugly. You decide where to place 76.14. Now begin to talk about the album. First, it is incorrect to talk about music when it comes to 76.14.
76.14 is a treaty, a unique document. The music contained in this document represents the substance, the highest level ever achieved of electronic music. Throughout your life you will hear lots of music, good, bad, good quality, creative. But you will never experience the sensations of deep intimacy and lightness, the proximity of the unknown and the very meaning of life in the universe such as the sound of this masterpiece. This album is absolutely transcends any earthly categorization and classification of what can be called music and in today's music scene this album is unique and unrepeatable. Unmatched.


July 29, 2006
edited over 9 years ago
Not much that I can add to the plate with all these great reviews already here. What I will say is that the rumors are true... This CD is amazing and seems to be a hidden ambient/IDM gem from the 90s that not a whole lot of people know about. Even here in the time I write this (2006) Global Communication have still not released a proper follow-up to this album. I know the two have been busy with their own projects but sometimes I think they wanted to end Global Communication with this classic and have people remember this album as their sound.

Its hard to pick favorites here seeing how the album needs to be listened to as a whole... I could tell you about how 14:31 is a slow, ambient piece with a "tick-tock" sound running throughout the track. Or I could tell you that 8:07 has a dancey feel to it with what is either an amazingly real sounding synth line, or female vocals. I could tell you all these things.. But the only thing I want to say now is BUY THE ALBUM!

Its worth every penny.


January 17, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
Without a doubt this release is in a class all by itself. Brings to mind some of the immersive games I've played (Myst) with amazing clarity. One of my personal favs in the ambient genre. A positive vibe throughout, yet dark, mellow and involving. I can listen to this everyday, but don't so I won't wear out the feeling I get when I listen to it. Tom and Mark at their absolute best!


April 28, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
Although, it was the earlier cosmic housey sound that really got me into Global Communication. It didnt take me long to discover and fully appreciate the superb quality of this album. In addition to being one of the most technically sounding albums Ive ever heard, the layout and synths are out of this world. 7:39, 8:07, 9:39 are amazing! A MUST for any collection.


November 23, 2004
edited over 5 years ago

Just like Substrata (Biosphere), 76:14 is an ambient classic from the mid-90's that still sounds very great. With windy waves, icy drones, epic analog sweeps, delayed whisperings and mysterious choirs, it's offers many blissful moments.


November 6, 2004
edited over 11 years ago

This is a fantastic album from the era when ambient was at its peak, rank this alongside works like The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, KLF's Chill Out. Those who know of Tom Middleton will probably know of his work as Cosmos (spacey lovely house), Jedi Knights (nu-school breaks which inspired the likes of Adam Freeland) and his Sound Of The Cosmos mix (which is a blinding exercise in breaks, house and downtempo spread over 3CDs) ... or perhaps the even later Global Communications tracks The Way / The Deep which explored funky cosmic house. This, however, is as far detatched from the housey Middleton as possible. 76:15 follows the 'swirling ambience' template, beatless, seamless and atmospheric ... taking you on a journey from one end of the CD to the other. Take 9:39 for example, full of deep space cosmic bleeps, a hypnotic 'warrooooooom!' bass pulse, and eerie choral synths. Definately swirling ambience. There are some astoundingly beautiful moments on here too. 14:31 is plain gorgeous, a slowly ticking clock keeps the beat of the track while lush orchestral synths create a gorgeous uplifting mood. Its not all totally beatless, 9:25 has a gentle break that helps the track move along. Think Orb's Supanova At The End Of The Universe and you're pretty much there. 7:39 features almost Plaid-y Warp style synths, while 8:07 and 5:23 work hypnotic keys over deep pulsing Sasha style bassline stabs. 12:18 finishes off the album with more dramatic orchestral synth action like in 14:31 ... a top closer.

As you can tell, the entire album is named after the sum of its track times, with each track named after how long it is. Apparently to stop the listener having preconceptions about how the music sounds before they listen to it. A nice idea, this is an album you make your own concept for, your own story ... as opposed to The Orb's journey from Earth to the Ultraworld.



May 11, 2003

The best ambient album I've heard so far. Excelent melodies, amazing production skills... Brilliant ambient album!
Track 2 is also known as 14:31 (Ob-Selon Mi-Nos)
Track 5 is also known as 7:39 (Mark's Birthday Retake)
Tracks 7 & 8 are known as 8:07 (Mayden Voyage) and 5:23 (Mayden Voyage).

Even though, the album is entitled "76:14", my CD player says that the total length is 76:17... :)