The Go ‎– Unreleased 1996-2007

Burger Records ‎– BRGR050
5 × Cassette, Compilation, Box Set


A1 Send Me Down Love
A2 Sunshine Bee
A3 Candy Cane Girl
A4 Starlight Child
A5 Make Your Way To The Sun
A6 The Thinker
A7 Open Your Eyes Marie
A8 Insane Mother's Son
A9 Beautiful People
A10 I'm Standing
A11 Hope
A12 Prickly Notion
A13 Dance Under The Ocean
A14 Peel It Back
A15 Watcher In The Wood
A16 You're A Friend Of Mine
A17 See Me Through The Night
A18 Cadmium Queen
A19 Black Eyed Susan
A20 Please Her Mind
A21 Long Is The Tougue For The Year 21
A22 Blink Of An Eye
A23 She Will Never Know
B1 Why Ya Gotta Cum
B2 Bubble Gum
B3 Get You Off
B4 Forget That Boy
B5 Rock & Roll Girl
B6 Shakin' Baby Boogie
B7 Open Naked Eye
B8 Watcha Doin'
B9 Baby's On Fire
B10 Ride It
B11 It's A Mystery
B12 Crawl
B13 We Run Together
B14 Somethin' To Do
B15 Let's Get High (Live At The Gold Dollar)
C1 Suzy Don't Leave
C2 Turn Your Little Light Bulb On
C3 But You Don't Know
C4 Summer Sun Blues
C5 Keep On Trash (Radio)
C6 Meet Me At The Movies (Radio)
C7 Suzy Don't Leave (Radio)
C8 On The Corner (Radio)
C9 Time For Moon (Radio)
C10 Defeated
C11 I'll Come Down
C12 Slippin' & Slidin'
C13 Comin' On To You
C14 Is It Good
C15 Gotta Be Free
C16 All Dimensions Are Loose
C17 Secular Century Man
C18 Inot Outer Space
C19 Golden Dawn
C20 Don't Want It Anymore
C21 You Can Rock & Roll (If You Want To)
C22 Baby Blue (Live)
D1 Growd Up Wrong
D2 Try A Little Harder
D3 Aint That Bad
D4 Hey Linda
D5 Straight On
D6 Games
D7 He's Been Lying
D8 Love, And If We Try
D9 Come Back
D10 Blue Eyes Woman
D11 That's When You Fall
D12 Return My Love
D13 Summer Morning Lover
D14 Jelly Roll
D15 Aint It Funny
D16 Hits You Right
E1 Arterial Angel
E2 Blood Jumps In The Sun
E3 It's Only In Your Mind
E4 That Stupid Man
E5 Follow You Home
E6 Girl Named Sandoz
E7 Radio Interview 1
E8 Caroline (Radio)
E9 Radio Interview 2
E10 Mary Ann (Radio)
E11 Radio Interview 3
E12 Down A Spiral (Radio)
E13 Tower Of Diamonds
E14 Puzzle People
E15 Heart Strings
E16 In The Dark


First press limited to 250 copies, the first 100 came on clear cassette tapes.
200 Box Sets Repressed.