Goa Gil ‎– Mahashivaratri - Mixed Live In Goa 2002

Not On Label ‎– none
5 × Cassette, Mixed, Unofficial Release

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Early Night - Part 1
A1 Etnica The 5 Tones
A2 Droidlock Syncussion
A3 Henrik Larsson (2) Barcode
A4 Ryan Halifax Bless You People
A5 Killer Hertz Bluerst
A6 Wizzy Noise System Fault
A7 DJ Axel Made In Israel
Early Night - Part 2
B1 Absolum Ultimatum 138
B2 Praecox Mechanikum
B3 Hujaboy Counting Spirals
B4 Joti Sidhu Juice
B5 Mino Animated
B6 Etnoscope Flosiploskan
B7 Total Eclipse The Crucible ("No Mercy" Remix)
Remix – Absolum
Middle Night - Part 1
A1 Shiva Skazi By The Rivers...
A2 D-Tector PPG
A3 Joti Sidhu X-N-Trick
A4 Earthling (2) Venus
A5 Wizzy Noise Wizzy On The Run
A6 Irie Freakbeat
A7 SX (2) Cost Me
Middle Night - Part 2
B1 Dark Nebula Vs. Paraphernalien Generator X
B2 Absolum The Fifth Revelation
B3 Neuromotor Fuck The DAT Mafia Trance Xp...
B4 Nomad (2) Gladiator
B5 Bonky Spooky
B6 Absolum Mental Silence
Late Night - Part 1
A1 Parasense Ritual Of Drugs
A2 Penta Butter
A3 Plastyk Elephant Triton Kill Me
A4 Droidsect Poltergeist
A5 Absolum Pulse V 2.01
A6 Skazi Vs. Manitu Survive The Trip
Late Night - Part 2
B1 Neuromotor Android From Mars
B2 Dark Nebula Vulcanized In Rubber
B3 Altöm Equation
B4 Absolum Push
B5 Xenomorph The Silimaki Murder Tool Kit
B6 Stralia Satellite
Dawn - Part 1
A1 The Nommos Spiralspheres
A2 Shiva Skazi Fun Business (Edit)
A3 Toï Doï Solenoid
A4 Talamasca Insanity
A5 Droidsect Supernatural
A6 Miraculix Dunder
A7 Talamasca Vs. Manitu Genetic Monster (GMS Remix)
Remix – GMS
Dawn - Part 2
B1 Earthling (2) & Domi Pastor El Fill D'el Comandant
B2 Parasense Seven Zero
B3 Zirkin feat. Jocid & Troy* Desperate To Stop Us
B4 Ultra (5) Engage
B5 Klegg O2
B6 Psychopod Frankie's Farm (GMS Remix)
Remix – GMS
B7 Talamasca The Racer
Morning - Part 1
A1 Neuromotor Joystick
A2 Polaris (3) Clear
A3 Penta Panic In Istanbul
A4 Nomad (2) You Are Mutant
A5 The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Mescalito (Edit)
A6 Plastyk Elephant Mental Zone
A7 Crazy Lions Cult Hy Dave
Morning - Part 2
B1 Talamasca Vs. GMS Mutation (GMS Remix)
Remix – GMS
B2 The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly La Caixa
B3 Paps 2000 Hands (Morphem Remix)
Remix – Morphem
B4 Xenomorph Sociopath
B5 Fullcolor Syncramental (Edit)
B6 Doof The Second Revelation



Not mixed continously, mixes on the casettes are separated from each other.
Time durations are not mentioned and not indexed.
Originally this release has no tracklist at all!