A1 Intro (Ride Of The Gypsied Moth Men)
A2 Bouncing Baby Buddy
A3 Weird Day
A4 Say 10 Makes You Dance Like A Chicküm
A5 Meep
A6 Fatty Patty
A7 Clay
A8 Quiet Riot Grrls
A9 Fried Chicküm
A10 G.F.B. In Your Face Funky Fresh Like Your Breath
A11 IT
A12 Aliens
A13 Douche-Charge
A14 Shit
A15 Fat Lookin'
A16 Rare Dickweed
A17 Golden Rock Stoned
A18 Needles And Pins
A19 Sanford And Son
B1 Mark At Mcdonald's
B2 Bong'D
B3 Berry Badly Bald
B4 Destroy Da Egg!
B5 Smurf's UP Dude
B6 In Nomine G.F.B.
B7 Peace And Buds, Peace And Gloves
B8 Jesus Of The Living Dead
B9 Necro-cide
B10 Outro (Walls Of Death).........