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1 Dance! 9:21
2 Like Me 9:11
3 Presence 8:00
4 Like God 8:59
5 Transcendence 8:57
6 Long Night 8:50
7 We've Got ... 8:22
8 Mindtwister 8:32


Beats Per Minute:
1) 144 bpm
2) 146 bpm
3) 144 bpm
4) 144 bpm
5) 144 bpm
6) 144 bpm
7) 146 bpm
8) 146 bpm

Total Time: 70:15



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December 8, 2007

This is Lukas Keller from Switzerland with his debut Cd. He also has a website with quite a few free tracks for download. This is how I became acquainted with him. He has a goa trance track that is absolutely blistering called Kalimah. So here we go hoping that the album matches that intensity.

Getting into this album, there is no subtlety. We are in full on territory but what makes this different is almost all the tracks have some vocoded voice adding a cheesy house-like element. If house is your thing, cool. I hate it. You can tell he has talent, because his sounds and kicks are very powerful. Just when you think you are off, the vocoder comes in and I think I'm at the Palladium in NYC during the 80's. It kills it for me.

I would call this psy-house, and if that was what he was going for, he succeeded. I think this album is for the laser stick trancers as it didn't appeal to me. I did enjoy the music part of the tracks however. So in closing, if you like full-on with vocoded house like speaking, then this is for you.