Gofuckyourself ‎– The Time for Grindcore is Now!

Cassette, Single Sided, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered

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A1 The Time for Grindcore is Now
A2 Carcass Fucking Sucks Now
A3 Ruining Stephen Harper's Life
A4 Antarctica Has More Grind Bands than Quebec City
Written By – Anal Jackson
A5 Cops are Crappy
A6 Fuck You Nazi Bastards
A7 D.I.Y.
A8 Andy Ringdahl's Pants
A9 Deceiver
Written By – Napalm Death
A10 Frack You
A11 Don't Fart in the Jamroom
A12 Untitled
A13 Postage Sucks
Written By – Anal Jackson
A14 Exploding Rectal Carbuncles
A15 Kick Justin Bieber in the Balls Until He Pukes
A16 A Poop Deck is Not What You Think it Is
A17 Cody From T.H.C. Looks Like Cousin It with Dreads Except that You Can See His Face
A18 Racist Fucks
A19 Play Fast or Die, Eh!
A20 Blargk!!!
A21 No Stone Left Unturned
A22 I Fart in Foodcourts Because I Don't Give a Fuck
A23 Smogpocalypse
A24 War is Horrendous
Written By – Sore Throat
A25 Rapists Die
Written By – Sore Throat
A26 Rock and Roll Colostomy
Written By – Sore Throat
A27 Invasion of the American HC Clones
Written By – Sore Throat
A28 Unhindered by Talent
Written By – Sore Throat



Originally released under the Dionysus (GOFUCKYOURSELF side project) and limited to 20 copies. Re-released as a GOFUCKYOURSELF tape limited to 50 copies.