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Freedom (Vocal) 8:13
Freedom (Instrumental) 8:13

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December 30, 2015
referencing Freedom, 12", SH-549
I believe these are from the bootleg/'reissue': Matrix / Runout (Label Side A): SH-549-A/Matrix / Runout (Label Side B): SH-549-B


March 20, 2010
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Freedom, 12", SH-549
Crash Crew's Reggie Reg says:
"Sugarhill had wanted Crash Crew to come up there and do "High Power Rap" over the version of "Freedom" ["Get Up And Dance" by Freedom] they did with a band, but we wouldn't do it. We wouldn't leave Mike and Dave, so they got Flash to do it - Flash did the "Freedom" beat over, and now it was a beef. So what Sugarhill did was sign us to their label so that they could kill our version, and after then their "Freedom" with Flash could still go on. By then, we was having problems with Mike and Dave, so we left them and we went to Sugarhill. But their strategy didn't work. We still did our "Freedom."
"When we went up to Sugarhill to talk to them we met Master Gee. He come out of the office with a suitcase of money. "Oh, you're the Crash Crew!" They gassed us totally. We see all these nice cars in the lot - BMWs, Rolls Royces. Master Gee with a suitcase of money. We like, "Yo, this is it. right here. We Jackons now. We gonna be rich." I mean, I was seventeen years old. The rest of them must have been like eighteen. I'm like the second to the youngest. Darryl C was younger than me; he was sixteen. So we got our moms and them to come up there. Our moms advised us, "Get a lawyer. I don't know about these people. Blah-blah-blah." We didn't want to hear that. You know what I'm saying? "Ma, listen, I'm at an age where I can leave you right now. I'm gonna run away if you don't let me. This is my dream right here. This is me out of the ghetto." So she didn't want to do it but she did it.
"When we went on the road with Sugar Hill Gang, we was performing "High Power Rap," but we was told not to perform it, because Flash and them was doing "Freedom" also. We got into a little beef with that, and we settled that with a football game with Flash and them. And they won. They had Big Bank Hank from the Sugar Hill Gang with them. You know what I'm saying? They beat us. But it was a good game, and we settled it like that." 
Quote taken from "Yes Yes Y'All" by Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn, DaCapo Press, 2002, page 271