Graves ‎– Contrary To Popular Belief

Black Lab Productions ‎– GR4VES1

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1 Prepare Yourself
2 Once Upon A Time Frame
Electric Guitar – Randy HansenProducer – Jewels Hunter
3 Wild Animals
Electric Guitar – Randy Hansen
4 Reflections
5 Meditation Frequency
Producer – Phreewil
6 Help Us To Breathe
Featuring – AudioPoetProducer – Phreewil
7 Circles
Producer – Cin7
8 Horoscopes
Electric Guitar – Randy HansenProducer – Jewels Hunter
9 Art Of Crazy
Producer – Jewels Hunter
10 Vile Mortar
Producer – Jewels Hunter
11 The Big Picture
Electric Guitar – Randy HansenProducer – Jewels Hunter
12 Glass Tear Drops
Electric Guitar – Randy HansenProducer – Jewels Hunter
13 Chain Letter
Featuring – Jewels Hunter, PhreewilProducer – Jewels Hunter
14 Selective Hearing
15 Telephones
16 Disconnected
Featuring – Jewels Hunter
17 Gravel Yard
Featuring – Cheo Lopez
18 Brand New World
Featuring – Jewels Hunter


Contrary to Popular Belief, we are capable of telepathy, time travel, ESP, achieving peace, and much more than we are lead to believe. Our intelligence has been dumbed down to the point that human evolution seems to be coming to a slow stop. While on the other side of the spectrum we as humans are closer to greatness than ever before in the history of man kind. Contrary to Popular Belief, the reason your listening to this album is to release your inner tension. If you come across any messages while listening that you don't understand or that you think might have an alternate meaning, you might be right. If you hear frequencies during the course of this album that you think might be tapping into your subliminal concience, you might be right. Everything is up for debate. Everything. On another note, I'd like to dedicate a special thank you to every person who contributed their time in some way or another to this album. Whether you worked with me on the music aspect or Mass Production. Anyway that you might have came in contact with this album was not a coincidence. It was no accident and it happened for a reason. Not because "God" wanted it to happen but because your quantum perception attracted its energy to you. To those of you that think I've gone off the deep end, you might be right also but life tells us that its more interesting that way. You were the last sane person alive until you recieved this album and from that point on everything gets better. The pressures of life are released and your perception of living in a world full of struggles and hardships change completely. Unitl you believe in the good things life has to offer you they won't present themselves. First you have to believe. Graves
Cover art by JOse Rodriguez 3