Gregory Howard (2) ‎– When In Love (Do As Lovers Do) / Sweet Pea

Kapp Records ‎– K 536X
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Promo



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October 3, 2012

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Message: 24
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 11:00:08 -0000
From: Martin Roberts
Subject: Re: Gregory Howard

Al Kooper replied to my query:
> The original production was released on Kapp in '63. I dont know
> anything about Gee Records releasing it in '57 when that was quite
> impossible. We didn't produce the record til '63 and I didn't start
> recording til '58!~ It was under the name Gregory Howard and he was
> 12 when we did it. Friend of Irwin Levine's. There were no Gee-Tones
> credited. In fact, thats pretty much the Cadillacs singing backup
> with Ronnie Bright singing the bass (same guy who sang the bass part
> on Mr. Bass Man) Some kinda mixup ya got goin there.

Thanks to Al Kooper for information on the recording of this track.
I've been ferreting around for information about the record's release.
I would welcome any corrections or additional information but as it
stands so far:

Originally released on Kapp 536 but only as a demo/DJ/promo,
no regular issue. When the record was heard and its scarcity realised
by the doo-wop fraternity the record was soon, in the late 60s,

This release credits the artist as "The Gee-Tones featuring 15-year-old
Gregory Howard", and with tongue firmly in cheek was issued on the
label most famous for Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Gee 1013. This
has caused some confusion -- due to the age of the bootleg many authoritive
guides list this record as a legitimate release with a price to match;
one seller has the 45 listed at $50s.

As for the value of the original and legitimate Kapp release, I hope
you've got a few copies tucked away, Al! If asked I'd be pleased to play
the track to musica (for nothing!).

Talking of the Cadillacs, about the same time they were supplying
backing vocals for Gregory Howard, they were doing the same for Bobby
Ray on Capitol, "La Bomba"/"I Saw You". Another pair (particularly "When
I Saw You") of fine uptempo doo-wop songs, both arranged by Teacho