Groovie Ghoulies ‎– PROJECT: GHOULIE - The Complete Groovie Ghoulies U.S. Singles Collection

Crimson Corpse Records ‎– GDRC-1999, Crimson Corpse Records ‎– CCR-2000, Crimson Corpse Records ‎– CCR-2001, Crimson Corpse Records ‎– CCR-2003, Crimson Corpse Records ‎– CCR-2004, Green Door Records ‎– GRND-2005, Lookout! Records ‎– LK146, Lookout! Records ‎– LK177
4 × Vinyl, 7"
Vinyl, 7", Orange Clear
Vinyl, 7", Red Clear
Vinyl, 7", Green Clear
Vinyl, 7", Red Marble
Box Set


Flying Saucer Rock And Roll
A Flying Saucer Rock-N-Roll
B1 Blood Beach
B2 Day In Day Out
Armageddon 2000
A1 Lookout (Here Comes Tomorrow)
A2 Armageddon 2000
B1 We Go So Good Together
B2 2000 Man
Don't Go Out Into The Rain / Dead End / Child Of The Moon
A1 Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt)
A2 Dead End
B Child Of The Moon
Hello Hello / I Wanna Have Fun
A Hello Hello
B I Wanna Have Fun
Christmas On Mars
A Christmas On Mars
B My Christmas Card To You
The Beast With 5 Hands
A1 The Beast With 5 Hands
A2 Sad Vacation
B1 Back To The Garage
B2 All Aboard
The Island Of Pogo Pogo
A The Island Of Pogo Pogo
B Gates Of Steel
Running With Bigfoot
A Running With Bigfoot
B She Hangs Out


Flying Saucer Rock N Roll 7"
Armageddon 2000 7"
Don't Go Out In The Rain 7"
Hello Hello/I Wanna Have Fun 7" (Orange Clear Vinyl)
Christmas On Mars 7" (Red Clear Vinyl)
The Beast With 5 Hands 7" (Clear Green Vinyl)
The Island Of Pogo Pogo 7"
Running With Bigfoot 7" (Red Marble Vinyl)

Kepi put these box sets together in 1997 out of his personal stash of old records. They're all mint in a box. I don't know how many of these exist, but there can't be too many of them.