Grovskopa / Telesthesia / michaelangelo ‎– Time Traveller EP

Labrynth ‎– labrynth11
Vinyl, 12", EP


a Grovskopa Balamber
aa Grovskopa Treacher Collins
b Telesthesia 010010101001
bb michaelangelo Sirius


The centre label reads:

a. Grovskopa - Treacher Collins
aa. Grovskopa - Balamber
b. michaelangelo - Sirius
bb. Telesthesia - 010010101001

But the actual vinyl plays as stated in the tracklisting below.
The centre label on the vinyl release is wrong.


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April 28, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
Driving forwards with solid complexity, impenitent purpose in every loop, pounding the very nerve endings into subordination. With recent releases on Emergence and Token, Grovskopa debuts for Labrynth and hits the floor hard with 'Treacher Collins'. Re-processed percussion and rolling low end seem to cause sensory overload at every turn. The perfect floor tool.

'Balamber' sees Grovskopa maintain the industrial focus, but heads further into darkness and despair. Apocalyptic voices are percieved, rallying the opressed masses onwards to revolution. Driving forwards relentlessly, a rolling sea of bass and mechanical abrasive tones force us to move and dance, or perish.

Massive offbeat techno from Telesthesia. Like some mechanical robotic beast crashing into tall buildings, preceding destruction and mayhem. Complex rhythms continually weave throughout the track, stretching and contorting every tone. The journey deconstructs and falls into darkness, re-emerging again into precision synths and digital modulations. A twist at every turn, this track has everything.

Trademark michaelangelo sounds here on the 4/4, reminiscent of some of the mid 90's Synewave Recs releases. 'Sirius' carves into an immense sonic landscape. Chaotic and crackling high frequencies modulate and break up over our heads, sharp and deadly like chainsaws, while monotone subs meander and bounce with the kick. Big room techno. Big sound. Quality.