Gruuthaagy / T.R.B.U.H. ‎– Gruuthaagy/T.R.B.U.H.

E.U. '91 Produzioni ‎– E.U. 009
Cassette, Album


T.R.B.U.H. - "Rehearsal/Demo 2"
A01 T.R.B.U.H. Mi Ne Znamo
A02 T.R.B.U.H. Ples Pregažene Kornjače
A03 T.R.B.U.H. Piss Or Peace
A04 T.R.B.U.H. Last Beer
A05 T.R.B.U.H. Ultraarrgh
A06 T.R.B.U.H. Nedostatak Mozga
A07 T.R.B.U.H. Agonija Pokvarenog Jogurta
A08 T.R.B.U.H. Palus Per Cerebrum
A09 T.R.B.U.H. United Swe
A10 T.R.B.U.H. Zubobolja
A11 T.R.B.U.H. Pusti Me (Part 1)
A12 T.R.B.U.H. Pusti Me (Part 2)
A13 T.R.B.U.H. Totally Retarded Blues
T.R.B.U.H. - "Rehearsal/Demo 3"
A14 T.R.B.U.H. Make Noise Or Die!
A15 T.R.B.U.H. Ultraargh
A16 T.R.B.U.H. Mother Earth
A17 T.R.B.U.H. Nazi Die
A18 T.R.B.U.H. We Don't Want Your Money
A19 T.R.B.U.H. Vocal Noise
A20 T.R.B.U.H. Corrosive Combination
A21 T.R.B.U.H. The Aim (?)
1 Song From "Fals Session"
A22 T.R.B.U.H. Million Dollars Song
T.R.B.U.H. - "Rehearsal/Demo 4"
A23 T.R.B.U.H. Happy Song
A24 T.R.B.U.H. Orange Saft Konzentrat
A25 T.R.B.U.H. Instrumental Mistake
A26 T.R.B.U.H. Ugly Faces
A27 T.R.B.U.H. Aljb
A28 T.R.B.U.H. Damaging Song
A29 T.R.B.U.H. Scumbag
T.R.B.U.H. - "Rehearsal/Demo 5"
A30 T.R.B.U.H. No Change
A31 T.R.B.U.H. Zugzwant (Alternative)
A32 T.R.B.U.H. A.C. Cover
A33 T.R.B.U.H. Planet T.R.B.U.H.
A34 T.R.B.U.H. T.R.B.U.H. Theme
A35 T.R.B.U.H. Rankwell 437 A
GRUUTHAAGY - "Society Is A Sick Joke"
A36 Gruuthaagy Common Error
A37 Gruuthaagy Only One Chance
B01 Gruuthaagy Living Vulva
B02 Gruuthaagy Always
B03 Gruuthaagy Schizophrenic
B04 Gruuthaagy Mortal Visions
B05 Gruuthaagy Joker
GRUUTHAAGY - "Walk Against Fear"
B06 Gruuthaagy No Titles


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August 30, 2013

Gruuthaagy's own review at the time of the release:
"The very first official GRUUTHAAGY release. After I started with making noise under this name and sending around sort of promo tapes Giulio (also known for his extreme HC band CRIPPLE BASTARDS) soon responded with real enthusiasm and wanted to have GRUUTHAAGY at his label. So here we had two GRUUTHAAGY demos, both recorded back at 1993 in extremelly lo-fi way, using half broken tape recorder and home made instruments. Yes, this is total noise in it's most harsh, trashy, anti-musical form. First demo called "SOCIETY IS A SICK JOKE!" is also one of my rare demos where I am actually using some lyrics, all written from engaged but very apocalyptic perspective. Anyway, one can hardly understand what I am screaming / talking at here, for wall of noise is realy extreme and in your face.
S econd demo is called "WALK AGAINST FEAR", and after sort of GRUUTHAAGY manifesto spoken at its beginning, comes tons of short total noise tracks with occasional longer industrial noises and TV samples thrown in.
T.R.B.U.H. is sarcastic tribal noise core band with one drummer (who also played in anarcho punk band APATRIDI) and 3 crazy vocalists (one of them being me), plus occasional guitar noises, etc... We have even covered the Exploited, B52, Anal Cunt, Psihomodo Pop, and few others, just to ruin their songs and have a good fun. Of course, boombox recordings from drummer's living room. I must wrote that Giulio has done realy good job with spreading this tape around, as i am still discovering many old scenesters who know GRUUTHAAGY from this tape. Actually, you can find some mp3 samples at Giulio's site today, but I should write that I do not support Giulio's obsession with chetnics and other serbian nationalist propaganda that can be found there. This tape was recorded during the war in Croatia in which chetnics have played very big part and for me this noise was ment to say big fuck you to all brainwashed assholes, nationalists included."