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Cyan Music ‎– CY-001
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Tracks 1,2,4,5,9 recorded at Flying Rhino Studios Kilburn,London
Track 3 recorded at Jaba Studios North Tawton, Devon
Track 7 recorded at Amber Music NYC
Track 8 recorded at Butterfly Studios Brixton, London
Tracks 6,10 recorded at Hyrostatic Studios Bourke St. Melbourne
Mastered @ Laundry Goat Studios, Melbourne


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December 18, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Psy-Harmonics Records in Australia has started a new side label called Cyan Music, where they focus on the chilled side of electronic music. Now they are out with the first album on this label, which is made by Gus Till, who has been involved in the psytrance scene since the early beginning. He is known for being a label dj for Flying Rhino Records (R.I.P.), for his project with Super Cozi called Zen Lemonade and a lot of other different projects. Here he has made a chill out album under his own name.

First out is a pretty weird dub track. Dubby beats and several really weird psychedelic sounds. It sounds pretty deep and mystic. An almost scary vibe. Track 2 continues the weird style. Totally mystic sounds and deep dubby bass and beats. Psychedelic and relaxing for chilling out at home or at a chill out floor. You also get some beautiful floating parts. Track 3 is a pure relaxing ambient track. Experimental ambient, with deep mystic vibes floating around. Pretty cool if you want to explore some experimental weird ambient. Track 4 is another experimental ambient track with a bit more dubby vibe. Very deep and psychedelic. After a while, the slow vibes goes over to a pumping down tempo rhythm. He has also mixed in some guitar in this track. Track 5 has also a dubby down tempo rhythm. These beats are really heavy. He has made this track together with George Barker. We also get some guitar in this track, played by Matt Coldrick, most known as one half of the Green Nuns Of The Revolution. There are also some vocals in there. This track has some really nice melodies, and is one of my favourite tracks on this album. Nice one.

Track 6 is a short little track. It has some tribal drums and a relaxing floating vibe. Track 7 is made together with a guy named Mario Grizorou. This one goes back to a weirder sound picture again. Experimental, relaxing chill out music. It has a bit more metallic sound, with some Balearic sounds mixed in. Track 8 is an older, very psychedelic ambient track. This one was made together with Paul Jackson, and originally released on the Time Re:Evolution 2 compilation on Flying Rhino Records in 1999. A great psyambient track! Track 9 continues the deep psychedelic vibes. Here has Raja Ram been involved too. Weird and varied all the way through. The last track on this album is a really floating track. Deep and mystic from beginning to end.

Gus Till is a really talented musician, and a solo album by him came as a nice surprise. Here we get some very interesting collaborations, strong psychedelic tracks and a lot of good, relaxing chill out in the dub and ambient style. Nice one.


February 3, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
For the past ten years Australian electronic musician Gus Till has been synonymous with the global trance scene as a producer with his recording projects; Slinky Wizard, Stoop And Fidget, Bus, Zen Lemonade which have been released on Flying Rhino Records, Dragonfly, TIP World and various compilations throughout the World to much critical acclaim.
This album is a retrospective (and not fresh, new material)of his other productions from this period- the downbeat, the dub and the experimental, recorded around the world from Melbourne,NY, London and Devon. Features co productions with Raja Ram (Shpongle/The Infinity Project), George Barker (Slinky Wizard), Paul Jackson (Genetic) and Matt Coldrick (Green nuns of the Revolution).