Oratorio "Esther" HWV 50
Scene 1
No. 1 Recitative - "Tis Greater Far To Spare"
No. 2 Aria - "Pluck Root And Branch From Out The Land"
No. 3 Recitative - "Our Souls With Ardour Glow"
No. 4 Chorus - "Shall We The God Of Israel Fear?"
Scene 2
No. 5 Recitative - "Now Persecution"
No. 6 Aria - "Tune Your Harps To Cheerful Strains"
No. 7 Chorus - "Shall We Of Servitude Complain"
No. 8 Aria - "Praise The Lord With Cheerful Noise"
No. 9 Recitative - O God, Who From The Suckling's Mouth"
No. 10 Aria - "Sing Songs Of Praise, Bow Down The Knee"
No. 11 Chorus - "Shall We Of Servitude Complain"
Scene 3
No. 12 Recitative - "How Have Our Sins Provoked The Lord!"
No. 13 Chorus - "Ye Sons Of Israel Mourn"
No. 14 Aria- O Jordan, Jordan, Sacred Tide
No. 15 Chorus - "Ye Sons Of Israel Mourn"
Scene 4
No. 16 Recitative - "Why Sits That Sorrow On Thy Brow?"
No. 17 Aria - "Dread Not, Righteous Queen, The Danger"
No.18 Recitative - "I Go Before The King"
No. 19 Aria - "Tears Assist Me, Pity Moving"
No. 20 Chorus - "Save Us, O Lord"
Scene 5
No. 21 Recitative - "Who Dares Intrude Into Our Presence"
No. 22 Duet - "Who Calls My Parting Soul From Death?"
No. 23 Aria - "O Beauteous Queen"
No. 24 Recitative - "If I Find Favour In Thy Sight"
No. 25 Aria - "How Can I Stay When Love Invites"
No. 26 Recitative - "With Inward Joy"
No. 27 Chorus - "Virtue, Truth And Innocence"
No. 28 Arioso - "Jehovah, Crown'd With Glory"
No. 29 Chorus - "He Comes, He Comes To End Our Woes"
Scene 6
No. 30 Recitative - "Now, O Queen, Thy Suit Declare"
No. 31 Arioso - "Turn Not, O Queen, Thy Face Away"
No. 32 Aria - "Flatt'ring Tongue, No More I Hear Thee!"
No. 33 Recitative - "Guards, Seize The Traitor"
No. 34 Aria - "How Art Thou Fall'n From Thy Height!"
No. 35a Chorus - "The Lord Our Enemy Has Slain"
No. 35b Solo - "Let Israel Songs Of Joy Repeat"
No. 35c Chorus - "For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name"
No. 35d Duet - "The Lord His People Shall Restore"
No. 35e Chorus - "For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name"
No. 35f Duet - "Mount Lebanon His First Resigns"
No. 35g Chorus - "For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name"