Haemorrhage / Mastic Scum ‎– Dawn In The Rotting Czech / Reek

Shindy Productions ‎– SHINDY200C049


Dawn In The Rotting Czech
A1 Haemorrhage Enshrouded In Putrilage
A2 Haemorrhage Decrepit Dejection
A3 Haemorrhage Necrotic Garbaje
A4 Haemorrhage Exquisite Escatology
A5 Haemorrhage Excavating The Illiac Fossa
A6 Haemorrhage Putrescent Necromorphism
A7 Haemorrhage Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)
A8 Haemorrhage Dawn In The Rotting Paradise
A9 Haemorrhage Witness Of Postmortem...
A10 Haemorrhage Anatomized
A11 Haemorrhage Decomposers
A12 Haemorrhage Staph Terrorist
A13 Haemorrhage I'm A Pathologist
B1 Mastic Scum What In The World !?
B2 Mastic Scum Deaf, Dumb & Blind
B3 Mastic Scum Demand The Change
B4 Mastic Scum Lust For Life
B5 Mastic Scum Deep Shit
B6 Mastic Scum Overdose
B7 Mastic Scum Pink Machine Gun
B8 Mastic Scum Scum
B9 Mastic Scum Garfield For President
B10 Mastic Scum I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
B11 Mastic Scum Fuckin' Fact
B12 Mastic Scum A Load Of Koky
B13 Mastic Scum Conviction
B14 Mastic Scum Political Shit
B15 Mastic Scum Fuck Authority

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Tracks A1 to A13 recorded at Silesia Open Air Festival, Opava, Czech Republic in July 2000. Mastered at M.Y. Studio.
Tracks B1 to B6 taken from "Zero" CD.
Tracks B7 to B10 taken from "Rape" Split 7".
Tracks B11 to B13 recorded live in Saalfelden, Austria on March, 13th 1999.
Tracks B14 and B15 recorded live in Rothenthurm, Switzerland on January, 9th 1999.

Track A7 is a Carcass cover.
Track A12 is an Impetigo cover.
Track B7 is a Doctor And The Crippens cover.
Track B8 is a Napalm Death cover.
Track B9 is an Unseen Terror cover.
Track B10 is a Righteous Pigs cover.