Haendel* - Handel Opera Society*, Anthony Roden, Peter Jeffes, Valérie Masterson, Helen Watts, Paul Esswood, Ian Comboy, Charles Farncombe ‎– Scipion - Paris 14 Mai 1979

FNAC ‎– none
3 × Vinyl, LP, Album
Box Set


A1 Ouverture
Acte I - Marche
Scene I
A2 Aria : We Have Conquered
A3 Narrative : Lelio, The Roman Senate...
A4 Narrative : I Am Honored
A5 Aria : Caresses Tha Please Him
Scene II
A6 Narrative : How Many Graces
A7 Aria : Banish Fear
A8 Aria : We Have Conquered
A9 Narrative : Oh! Lucejo!
A10 Aria : Ah, What Relief
A11 Aria : Ah, Dearest Lady
B1 Arioso : Oh, My Beloved
B2 Narrative : My Fondest Dreams
B3 Arioso : Oh, My Beloved
B4 Aria : Little Breezes
B5 Narrative : Gentle Breezes
B6 Aria : Dearest, Hear me
B7 Narrative : Ah, Go Quickly
B8 Aria : You Must Be Mad
B9 Narrative : Who Gave You Orders
B10 Aria : Jalousy Has Deceived Me!
Act II - Sinfonia
Scene I
C1 Narrative : Thanks To Geat Scipio
C2 Aria : He Is So Brave A Soldier
Scene II - Apartment Of The Two Prisoners In The Palace
C3 Aria : Here May I Rest Apart
C4 Narrative : Fair Prisoner
C5 Aria : Oh Cruel
Scene III - The Gardens
D1 Narrative : Here I Return
D2 Aria : Rome Has Conquered
D3 Narrative : My Lord, I Fear Your Silence
D4 Aria : My Loving Heart
Act III - Sinfonia
Scene I - A Room In The Palace
E1 Narrative : Noble Scipio
E2 Aria : This Our Life Would Be Harsh And Brutal
E3 Narrative : These Men Of Arago
E4 Arioso : Now My Desire
Scene II - In The Prison
E5 Narrative : Here In This Prison
E6 Aria : Have You Heard
F1 Arioso : Ah, Scipio
F2 Narrative : Fair One, Weep No More
Scene III - Throne Room
F2 Narrative : To The Invincible Proconsul
G1 Aria : Never Fear
Scene IV - Prison Lucejo
G2 Narrative : My Dearest, My Beloved
Scene V - The Throne Room
G3 Aria : The Conquest Of Myself
G4 Narrative : Prince, From The First Moment
G5 Arioso : With Solemn Oath I Swear
G6 Duo : No More Shall Joy And Gladness



Die-cut box.

6 page booklet with libretto and French translation.