The Hafler Trio ‎– One Dozen Ecomomical Stories By Peter Greenaway

Sub Rosa ‎– SR71
L'Innomé – SR71
CD, Album



All material sporadically recorded between 1989 & 1993.
Project initiator Ian Lake.
All titles published by Touch Music.
Typography & sleeve design by MOSCROM Internat., Suitcase Studios & Siegfried Hausner.
Photography by Other Methods TM.
Front cover image by Patricia Ann Blair.
Assistant Moth Wrangler Annika Lundgren.
Casting by A.F.S.R.I.N.M.O.R.
Catering by Marjolein Kuijsten.
Location graciously provided by Agustin + Schoonman c.v.
Sets by Mat Wijnene.
Decor by Carl Giskes.
Hafler Trio Logo by Mark O.
Assistants to the Producer: Willem de Ridder, C.M. Von Hausswolff, Johan Söderberg, Greg Gallant, Randi van den Wijngaard, Alisa Messer, Jon Wozencroft, Kari Jantsen, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, John Savage, Adair Brouwer, Joanna Macrae, Sue Smeaton, Ben Ponton.
Executive producers: Fred Walheer, Guy Marc Hinant.
Directed by A.M. McKenzie for The Hafler Trio in PERCEPTOVISION TM.
Background vocals: David Tibet.
Posthumous scripting: Anthony Balch.
Voice overs: Tina Grace.
Victim/volunteer: Dennis Florio.
Optigan coordination: Greg Gallant.
Guitar: Birgir.
Circular circumnabulations: G.I. Markusson.
Slaap: Teery van Dijk.
Computers, periferals & software by MOSCROM Internat.
Make-up by Malin Larsson & Helena Aberg.
Technical assistence & advice by The Anstending Institue.
Script by Peter Greenaway.
Post Production by Mark Poysner @ Light Sounds Studio, Amsterdam.
One-of-our-pilots-is - missing Detp.: A. Newton.
Lighting by Gwen Weimann.
Refreshments by De Tweede kantoor & Tai Shangai.
Costumes modelled by Ingrid Willemse.
Management by Emily Woods.
Still: Ingvar Örn Karlsson.
Transport by Bruce, P.I.A. & Flugleidir.
Special effects by Dale Travous.
Crèche provided by Maria Stefansdóttir.
Train robbery by Arthur Sørenssen.
Rostrum camera: Erik Pauser.
Knots by P.W. Blandford 1943.
Hair and picked walnuts by David Scott.
Animal Handling by Marga Sewart.
Stunts: Geert-Jan Hobijn.
Originally there was a hate list here, but then, that was one of those late-night thoughts that don't look good in the cold light of the morning. But names were very nearly named.
These credits by Murray Fontana.
That's all folks!

Comes packaged in a large card wallet, with a 32-page booklet.



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March 16, 2003
edited over 4 years ago
Very rare of course. Oversize cardboard packaging of cd (about 16cm x 14cm) came with a booklet with text by the filmmaker Peter Greenaway.