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August 18, 2017
referencing Present Brion Gysin's Dreamachine, LP, RE, KK 015
Interesting for the booklet alone but when it comes to sound, once the needle hits the vinyl surface theirs is no less different an idea from what you yourself might achieve by hissing about and annoying the shit out of those awake around you. "Dreamachine" is an interesting concept on paper, but unless you're willing to freak out on lsd, don't expect that much apart from what it is - a tedious sound assumption.


February 8, 2008
referencing Present Brion Gysin's Dreamachine, CD, Album, RE, KK 015
This is a unique setup - Psychic TV (I suspect GPO largely, but who knows? This was a period of experimentation for PTV as well as the perpetual one maintained by H3O) and McKenzie getting together for a project that, in the end, didn't have much to do with either of them? Interesting... I bought this originally with the cutout version of the Dreammachine and put it on an old Garrard turntable with lights shining through it. The effect was pretty much as advertised, but I still have a hard time putting it through my head that there was any musical coalescence between the two artists. Conceptual, maybe... Nevertheless, this stands as a milestone for H3O, if not for PTV. I can't see the influence of the latter, but who can say? If you get a chance to acquire this, jump on it! It's really rare, and evocative.