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  • Featuring, Effects [Tape Effects], Percussion, Electric GuitarDavmo
  • Featuring, Electronics [Circuit Bent Speak & Math And E-Z Groove Bongos], Synth [Alesis Air], Effects [Korg Kaoss], Computer [ReBirth, Reason, Ensoniq], Synthesizer [Roland And Korg]Dustindustrial
  • Featuring, Electronics [Circuit Bent], Instruments [Toy]Philipp Wolokitin
  • Featuring, Guitar [Cheap Electric], E-Bow, Synth [Reason 2.0 Soft], Effects [Delay, Reverb]Mental Anguish
  • Featuring, Guitar SynthesizerAl Margolis
  • Featuring, Guitar, FluteKeith Nicolay
  • Featuring, Guitar, Synthesizer [Moog Sonic Six]Brian Noring
  • Featuring, Other [Field Recordings, Recordings From TV And Radio], Performer [Manipulations]Planetaldol
  • Featuring, Other [Field Recordings], Electronics, Performer [Manipulations]XV Parówek
  • Featuring, Other [Field Recordings], Voice, Percussion [Metals, Glass], Singing Bowls, Thumb Piano, Other [Chair, Brushes, Recording From Radio And TV]Fever Spoor
  • Featuring, Other [Recordings From A Round House And A Round Field Station]Straiph
  • Featuring, Other [Tape From A Haters Performance On A Paris Raio Station, 2002]GX Jupitter-Larsen
  • Featuring, Other [Tapes], Electronics, Effects, Performer [Manipulations]Finalcut
  • Featuring, Other [Tapes], Theremin, Electronics [Circuit Bent Speak & Spell And Casio SK-1], Audio Generator [Portable Anarchy Circuit Bent Sound Generator], Synthesizer [Analog And Digital], Turntables [Prepared Turntable], Computer [Ableton Live Software]Busyditch
  • Featuring, Performer [Collage, Cut-ups], Effects [Korg Kaoss], Other [Cracklebox, Tapes], Synthesizer, PianoPascal Hament
  • Featuring, Performer [Manipulations Of Mini Disc Recordings Of Industrial Shop Sounds]Napalmed
  • Featuring, Performer [Voice Manipulations]Zyrtax
  • Featuring, Sounds [Trash]Invader From Mars
  • Featuring, Synthesizer [Modular Analog]Brice Hornback
  • Featuring, Synthesizer [Software Synthesizers], Other [Samples]Dave Fuglewicz
  • Featuring, Voice, Guitar, Other [Rhythms], Performer [Manipulations], EffectsMike A. Cosma*
  • Featuring, Voice, Other [Poetics, Tapes, Field Recordings, Taped Piano Sounds]Mark Sonnenfeld
  • Featuring, Voice, Other [Tapes, Field Recordings, Cracklebox, Shortwave Radio], Theremin [Moog, Photo], Electronics [Circuit bent Casio SK-1 And SK-5], Kora, Steel Drums, Piano, Mixed By, Producer, ArtworkHal McGee
  • Featuring, Voice, Other [Tapes]Adam Bohman
  • Featuring, Voice, Other [Tapes], Saw, Sounds [Artificial And Altered]Mac of BIOnighT
  • Featuring, Voice, Synthesizer [MicroMoog]Charles Rice Goff III
  • Featuring, Voice, Synthesizer, Guitar, Other [Tapes]Donald Campau*
  • Liner Notes [Invitation]Hal McGee


COLLAGE MANIA was assembled on a Fostex X-12 4-track casette recorder. Mixed and mastered directly to CDR July 4, 2004

COLLAGE MANIA #! an audio project produced by Hal mcGee
in late Winter of 2004 I sent out this invitation:
After Quotidian Assemblages is finished in April, I will start a new project called COLLAGE MANIA. It is my attempt to create a new audio art form - a collaboration compilation series. I am inviting many audio artists to contribute raw audio material. I will then mix their sounds with my own sounds and create big collages with many different layers. [...]

Released in standard jewel case including 4-page single-sided booklet, four single-sided inserts with credits and stickered disc.

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