Ustad Hameed Khan* & Chhote Rahimat Khan ‎– The Tradition Of Khyal On Sitar / La Tradition Du Khyal Au Sitar 1 - Gwalior Gharana

Makar ‎– MAKCD010



"Ustad Hameed Khan (born 1951) and Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan (born 1959) belong to a family of 9 brothers, all playing Sitar. They have been trained since childhood by Abdul Karim Khan, their father (a relation of the famous khyal singer of the same name). Tenants of the instrumental side of the Gwalior school they are heirs to 400 years of classical music. Their grandfather Ratna Rahimat Khan (born 1863) has been the most celebrated indian classical music instrumentalist of his generation: he has settled the reputation and originality of his family by mixing the instrumental techniques of the sitar with those of the bin, and has most certainly created many aspects of the actual modern khyal music on sitar. Ustad Hameed Khan, a Ph. D. in Hindi and Music, is completely dedicated to teaching at Karnataka University (Dharwar). He is a well known concertist whose style allies tradition and incredible tonal perfection. In this recording he comes from the left speaker. Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan, teaching at the Kala Academi of Goa, has developed an elegant and virtuoso style. He is also well known as a concertist in India and Europe. In this recording he comes from the right speaker. "