"Solomon" (Oratorio In Three Acts)
A1 Overture 5:09
Act I
Scene 1
A2 "Your Harps And Cymbals" (Chorus) 3:18
A3 "Praise Ye The Lord" (A Levite) 4:46
A4 "With Pious Heart" (Chorus) 4:40
A5 "Almighty Power" (Solomon) 2:58
A6 "Imperial Solomon" - "Sacred Rapture" (Zadok) 4:49
A7 "Throughout The Land" (Chorus) 3:30
B1 "Bless'd Be The Lord" - "What Though I Trace" (Solomon) 7:00
Scene 2
B2 "And See My Queen" (Solomon) 0:44
B3 "Bless'd The Day" (Queen) 4:45
B4 "Thou Fair Inhabitant" (Solomon) "Welcome As The Dawn Of Day" (Solomon, Queen) 3:58
B5 "My Booming Fair" - "Haste, Haste" (Solomon) 3:22
B6 "When Thou Art Absent" - "With Thee Th'Unshelter'd Moor I'd Tread" (Queen) 2:21
B7 "May No Rash Intruder" (Chorus) 3:16
Act II
Scene 1
C1 "From The Censer" (Chorus) 5:10
C2 "Prais'd Be The Lord" - "When The Sun" (Solomon) 5:10
C3 "Great Prince" - "Thrice Bless'd" - (Levite) 3:41
Scene 2
C4 "My Sovereign Liege" (Attendant, Solomon) 1:53
Scene 3
C5 "Thou Son Of David" (1st Harlot) - "Words Are Weak" (1st & 2nd Harlot, Solomon) 5:35
D1 "What Says The Other" (Solomon, 2nd Harlot) - "Thy Sentence, Great King" (2nd Harlot) 3:28
D2 "Withhold, Withhold The Executing Hand" - "Can I See My Infant Gor'd" (1st Harlot) 4:23
D3 "Israel, Attend" (Solomon) 1:19
D4 "Thrice Bless'd Be The King" (1st Harlot, Solomon) 3:58
D5 "From The East Unto The West" (Chorus) 2:29
D6 "No More Shall Armed Bands" - "Beneath The Vine" (1st Harlot) 6:23
D7 "Swell, Swell The Full Chorus" (Chorus) 2:43
E1 The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba 3:01
E2 "From Arabia's Spicy Shores" (Queen Of Sheba, Solomon) 1:25
E3 "Sweep, Sweep The String" - "Music, Spread Thy Voice" (Solomon, Chorus) 3:35
E4 "Now A Diff'rent Measure" - "Shake The Dome" (Solomon, Chorus) 1:47
E5 "Then At Once From Rage" (Solomon) - "Draw The Tear From Hopeless Love" (Chorus) 3:20
E6 "Next The Tortur'd Soul" - "Thus Rolling Surges Rise" (Solomon, Chorus) 3:40
F1 "Thy Harmony's Divine" (Queen Of Sheba) 0:59
F2 "Thrice Happy King" - "Golden Columns" (Zadok) 3:58
F3 "May Peace In Salem Ever Dwell" - "Will The Sun Forget To Streak" (Queen Of Sheba) 5:54
F4 "Adieu, Fair Queen" (Solomon) - "Ev'ry Joy That Wisdom Knows" (Queen Of Sheba, Solomon) 3:01
F5 "Praise The Lord" (Chorus) 4:39



Recorded in collaboration with West German Radio, Cologne, on the occasion of the 1984 Goettingen Handel Festival.
Recorded: London, 6/1984

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 0 28941 26122 2