Hans G. Hoffmann, Brigitte Hoffmann, Roy Mepham ‎– Englisch Für Sie 1

Hueber ‎– 2.2127
2 × Vinyl, 10", Mono


A1 1 A What Is A Hamburger?
A2 1 C Pronunciation Exercise
A3 2 A In The Snack Bar
A4 2 C Pronunciation Exercise
A5 3 A On The Phone
A6 3 C Pronunciation Exercise
A7 4 A What A Mess!
B1 4 C Pronunciation Exercise
B2 5 A At London Airport
B3 5 C Pronunciation Exercise
B4 6 A The Surprise
B5 7 A The Millionaire And His Chauffeur
B6 8 A Coffee Or Tea?
B7 9 A No Time For Jim
B8 11 A Family Life
B9 12 A A Letter
C1 13 A The Better Man
C2 14 A Some Personal Questions
C3 15 A The Cause
C4 16 A The Ideal Lodger?
C5 17 A Will You Marry Me?
C6 18 A The Charge Is A Murder
C7 19 A The Hand Of The Master
C8 21 A Shopping
C9 22 A Mr. Watson "Does" London
D1 23 A The Man Who "Did" London
D2 24 A Hopeless
D3 25 A Tit For Tat
D4 26 A The Holiday
D5 27 A The Birthday Present
D6 28 A The Blank Robber
D7 29 A Too Dangerous


Ein moderner Sprachkurs für Erwachsene.
(C) 1968 by Max Hueber Verlag München