Hansel ‎– Studies

D-Trash Records ‎– DTRASH050
3 × CDr, Compilation

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CD1-01 Scrout
CD1-02 Minor Melodic Major
CD1-03 Keep It Safe
CD1-04 Stairway To Heaven 97X
CD1-05 Circuit Breaker
CD1-06 The Death Of Allen Steele
CD1-07 Edit L - Dave Trodson
CD1-08 Ascender
CD1-09 The Uncertainty Principle
CD1-10 Jason Thornhill
CD1-11 Spoks
CD1-12 Gretel Und Fuck You
CD1-13 Jesus Smells
CD1-14 Impiety
CD1-15 Pissy Smelliot
CD1-16 Zlotnik (Live 12/13/2003)
CD1-17 Sunday Morning
CD1-18 Zlotnik
CD1-19 Middle Aged Women
CD2-01 Greg Lindham (Smashed Remix)
Remix – CTRLer
CD2-02 No More Legs (Anfall Remix)
Remix – Echodolo
CD2-03 Mucko Fucko (Lost My Mind Remix)
Remix – Decoy Robot
CD2-04 Tonsils (Remix)
Remix – Lichtswitch
CD2-05 Mucko Fucko (Remix)
Remix – Ambassador 21
CD2-06 Carnate PE (Bring Us Noise Master Remix)
Remix – Bastards United
CD2-07 Carnate PE (Remix)
Remix – Av3rs1on
CD2-08 KLGF (Mass Remix)
Remix – Promonium Jesters
CD2-09 No More Legs (Shellshock Remix)
Remix – TVKill
CD2-10 No More Legs (Venerial Tetinus Remix)
Remix – Nau-Zee-auN
CD2-11 No More Legs (Ravecore Fuck You Remix)
Remix – Robad Pills
CD2-12 Greg Lindham (Remix)
Remix – Polaris Kolectiv
CD2-13 Carnate PE (Remix)
Remix – Noize Punishment
CD2-14 No More Legs (Reshufflin' Remix)
Remix – Retrigger
CD2-15 Carnate PE (Version 2 Remix)
Remix – Subn0rmal
CD2-16 Particles And Discontinuity (Backlash Remix)
Remix – Diodexedoid
CD2-17 Carnate PE (Downtown Callander Remix)
Remix – All Out Assault
CD2-18 Greg Lindham (Megatrondub Remix)
Remix – Pete Bandit
CD2-19 Grids (Remix)
Remix – Immaculate:Grotesque
CD3-01 Intro / No More Legs (Live 03/05/2004)
CD3-02 Particles And Discontinuity
CD3-03 Blipverts
CD3-04 Grids
CD3-05 Planck's Constant (Live)
CD3-06 Blotsmyth (Live 10/08/2003)
CD3-07 Zlotnik (Live 03/05/2004)