Harbour Jazzband ‎– Swing Sessions 2018

STS Analog ‎– T6111186
Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, Album


This superbly recorded and engineered album transferred on tape has been copied from the Master will put you in front of a terrific selection of classic tunes, with some tracks supported by lovely vocals from both male and female singers.
Master Quality Reel To Reel Tape. Exceptional Audiophile Sound as close to the Original Master Reference Quality as possible. This album on reel to reel tape is transferred directly from Master Reel To Reel Recording.

Master Reel to Reel Tape Features:
• 1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape
• Pure Analogue Recording
• Carefully copied from a Philips EL3501 master recorder to 6 Philips N4522 recorders
• Analogue Tape Copies from the original analogue master tape
• Tape copy with CCIR equalization with reference level 320 nWb/m on halftrack 1/4” to LPR35 Recording The Masters' tape
• Duration Each Tape: Approx. 30 minutes
• Reel Spool special made silver or golden aluminium reel with a cut out STS logo
• High-class cardboard box features production cover picture labelled to the box
• The box is reminiscent of glorious pre-recorded tapes of the '70s and their 7" boxes
• Quality control certificate included - includes tracklist with the description of the tape copy process
• EQ: 320 nWb
• Half-track format
• Speed: 15ips

Master Reel To Reel Tape copies available in three options:
Highest studio quality 2 track at 38cm/sec (15" per sec.), on one 10.5" reel. These are transferred at the original Master tape speed and offer the original studio sound as the musicians and engineers heard it.
High studio quality 2 track 'half speed' at 19cm/sec (7 1/2" per sec.), on one 7" reel. Very similar to the highest speed, losing a little micro-detail and dynamics. The ideal way to experience Master Tape quality of tape machines not offering 15" per sec. speed, like most Revox A77 and B77 reel to reel tape.
To special order: 4 track tapes at 19cm/sec (7 1/2" per sec.) and 38cm/sec (15" per sec.).
All tapes IEC biased and without Dolby noise suppression, to be as close to the original recording as possible. IEC biased tapes are OK to play on other biased machines.
This Premium High-End Audiophile recording on tape is carefully copied from a Philips EL3501 master recorder to 6 Philips N4522 recorders. STS Analog recording studio copy with CCIR equalization with reference level 320 nWb/m on halftrack 1/4” LPR35 Recording The Masters' tape. Deliver on a specially made silver or golden aluminium empty reel spool with a cutout STS logo (3X).
STS Analog recording studio did our utmost best to give you the best quality possible, but remember it is analogue technology, there will be always some noise floor (we don’t use Dolby) because it will kill the music enjoyment. Please listen with love for that old-fashioned analogue recording technique.