Harrington Saints ‎– Machine Guns And Molotovs

Punk, Oi
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June 5, 2016
referencing Machine Guns And Molotovs, 7", EP, Cle, LS785, CR067
Another single from this band from the Bay Area. They start off with " Machine Guns And Molotov's". The sound is polished street punk. They play it very well. I like the Tempo and over feel of the song. The Harrington Saints deliver a tight sound that is played well. Nothing I have not heard before but the music is good. The lyrics are the fight against "them" style. I love pissed off lyrics against social injustice, corrupt government, greedy business, and so on.. The problem is they are not specific on who "Them" is. I have read these lyrics over and over. All I get from them is there is a unnamed force attacking The Harrington Saints. And they are welling to fight against this unnamed force with violence. Fuck I love a good Violent song I just want to know who "Them" are. "Bullet proof" continues this idea of revolution, I think they are talking about the government with lyrics like

"Tired Of being told just what to do. Stuck in red tape 'til your face turns blue. We want our say, We want our do. How many hoops have we gotta jump through? I do my part, work hard everyday. Pay my taxes and you give it away." - Lyrics from "Bullet Proof"

The problem is there is nothing that draw me in. No specifics nothing that makes these words personal. it just comes across as well played background music. Songs that are easy to sing-a-long to and just as easy to forget.

"No Justice" is the last song on this album and my favorite. A mid tempo street rocker that reminds me of the Brassknuckle Boys. A rally cry against a police force and government that no longer can keep the streets and citizens safe. Darrel uses his big voice well. conveying anger and passion. The lyrics are good. I like the line
" Police tape around the murder site. 18 years old on the minimum wage, shot by a kid his very own age." - Lyrics From No Justice
With guitars that sweep through the song and a driving rhythm this is a song I can sink my teeth in too.
A album with a street punk sound that is well played and a singer with a big strong voice, the album falls short in the lyrics department. Not a bad record and not a great record.