Harry Bertoia ‎– Happy Spirit

Sonambient ‎– CD # 10570
CD, Album, Compilation


1 Bellissima 18:00
2 Nova 13:00
3 The Sun / The Moon 3:00



Tracks 1 & 2 originally released at Bellissima Bellissima Bellissima / Nova.
Released in a CD-single-style jewel case.


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February 9, 2013

More of a reissue rather than a compilation, tracks 1 and 2 comprise the entirety of his 1979 Sonambient LP 10570 Bellissima Bellissima Bellissima / Nova. Why more of Bertoia's sound sculptures have not been reissued is beyond me other than a box of his records can be purchased for $500 direct for Harry's son, Val (or $50 a pop). I always kick myself for not attempting to order a few of these as a kid when Forced Exposure listed a "small cache" of these for $8 each in their final mail order catalog December '94 / February '95 (that was probably sent out even later). The FE write-up was as follows:

"Bertoia was an East Coast artist (born in Italy) who dedicated most of his creative life to installation sound sculptures; he self-released a bunch of LP's of his recordings of these sculptures, that have mostly gone unseen by human eyes since the early 70's when initially pressed. Not that long ago set of these LPs supposedly when for $100 each in an RRR autction, and while searching for these LPs for many years, I never ran across more than a couple. Well, more recently, a cache of the LPs has "turned up," and it's unlikely they will last long. Caveat: these are original pressings from twenty-something years ago; storage was not ideal and they all have an edge warp. Also, most of the have an aged sediment on the vinyl that might cause some surface noise (they're not audiophile pressings to begin with). We do believe that all copies for sale will play normal tracking, but: if you're an audiophile, or generally prone to unhappiness with slight warpage - please don't order these LPs. We're not interested in dealing with returns for these reasons; frankly, the LPs are such interesting (and visually appealing) artifacts that playability is strictly a secondary issue. If you just want to hear Bertoia's music, check out the Japanese Unfolding CD (PSF 32)."

The final track is "The Sun / The Moon," a pop song of sorts completely standing out of place. The liner notes to the CD explain this was a song Val and his wife sang to their children when his wife's brother decided to add music and this supposedly became "inspiring to all." The family apparently thought it necessary to add, though again, it totally stands out of place. Likely this CD is the same that is currently listed at their site as "The Sun / The Moon."