Harry Partch ‎– Delusion Of The Fury: A Ritual Of Dream And Delusion

Innova Recordings ‎– innova 406, Sony Music Special Products ‎– A26446
CD, Album


1 The Beginning Of A Web 10:45
Act I: Treats With Death And With Life Despite Death, On A Japanese Theme. Scene—A Shrine
2 Chorus Of Shadows 5:10
3 The Pilgrimage 4:15
4 Emergence Of The Spirit 3:32
5 A Son In Search Of His Father's Face 6:01
6 Cry From Another Darkness 4:43
7 Pray For Me 3:02
8 An Entr’acte 6:20
Act II: Treats With Life And With Life Despite Life, Based On An African Folk Tale
9 The Quiet Hobo Meal 2:59
10 The Lost Kid 2:51
11 Time Of Fun Together 8:08
12 The Misunderstanding 6:04
13 Arrest, Trial And Judgement (Joy In The Marketplace!) 4:43
14 Pray For Me Again - A STRANGE FEAR! 3:32

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This is a remaster and reissue of the double LP of the same name. This release sounds infintely better than previous editions, but lacks the third bonus LP of the CBS vinyl box set, entitled "The Instruments of Harry Partch", wherein all the instruments of Partch's orchestra are demonstrated.
<small>Marimba Eroica, Bass Marimba, Bamboo Marimba, Quadrangularis Reversum, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Gourd Tree & Tone Gongs, Spoils of War, Zymo-Xyl, Cry-Chord, Boodongs, Harmonic Canon II, Bass Drum</small>
Plucked Strings
<small>Harmonic Canon I, Kithara I, Kithara II, Adapted Guitars I & II, Koto</small>
Sustained-Tone Instruments
<small>Chromelodeons I & II, Korean Piri</small>
Hand instruments, carried & played by Chorus
<small>Formosan Drum, East Indian Drum, Japanese Pancake Drums, Ugumbo (Zulu), Bamboo Claves, Eucalyptus Claves, Drone Devils (Jewsharps), Chinese Cymbal (borrowed), American Sled Cymbal (borrowed), Bamboo Ceremonial Poles (bounced on rocks), Bolivian Double Flute, Belly Drums, Thumb Piano, Gourd Drum, Fiji Rhythm Boat & Gubagabi</small>

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