Harry Partch ‎– The Harry Partch Collection Volume 1

New World Records ‎– 80621-2
CD, Compilation


Eleven Intrusions (1949–50)
1 Study On Olympos' Pentatonic 1:20
2 Study On Archytas' Enharmonic 2:02
3 The Rose 1:42
4 The Crane 1:41
5 The Waterfall 1:11
6 The Wind 1:44
7 The Street 2:46
8 Lover 1:53
9 Soldiers - War - Another War 2:02
10 Vanity 0:48
11 Cloud-Chamber Music 4:02
Plectra And Percussion Dances - Satyr-Play Music For Dance Theater (1952)
I. Castor And Pollux - A Dance For The Twin Rhythms Of Gemini
12 Castor: Leda And The Swan/Insemination (Kithara & Surrogate Kithara And Cloud-Chamber Bowls) / Conception (Harmonic Canon And High Bass Marimba) / Incubation (Diamond Marimba And Low Bass Marimba) / Chorus Of Delivery (All The Foregoing Instruments) 7:41
13 Pollux: Leda And The Swan/Insemination (Kithara & Surrogate Kithara And Low Bass Marimba) / Conception (Harmonic Canon And Cloud-Chamber Bowls) / Incubation (Diamond Marimba And High Bass Marimba) / Chorus Of Delivery (All The Foregoing Instruments) 7:49
II. Ring Around The Moon
14 Phase One - Well, Bless My Soul! (Well, Bless My Soul!) 2:48
15 Phase Two - One, Two, Three, Four - X, Y, Zee 2:12
16 Phase Three - Shake Hands Now, Boys, And At The Sound Of The Bell Come Out Fighting! 2:55
17 Phase Four - Mumbo Jumbo, Hocus Pocus, Hoity Toity, Hotsy Totsy, Acey Ducey, Hoochy Koochy (Look Out! He's Got A Gun!) 1:31
III. Even Wild Horses - Dance Music For An Absent Drama
18 Act I, Scene 1: A Decent And Honorable Mistake (Samba) 2:42
19 Act I, Scene 2: Rhythm Of The Womb - Melody Of The Grave (Heartbeat Rhythm) 3:00
20 Act I, Scene 3: Happy Birthday To You! (Afro-Chinese Minuet) 2:46
21 Act II, Scene 1: “Nor These Lips Upon Your Eyes” (Rumba) 3:26
22 Act II, Scene 2: “Hunger, Thirst, Shouts, Dance!” (Nañiga) 2:11
23 Act II, Scene 3: “Land Of Darkness And Of Whirlwinds” (Slow, Fast, Wild!) 3:30
24 Act III, Scene 1: “Had I Not Once A Lovely Youth?” (Conga) 2:47
25 Act III, Scene 2: “Let Us Contemplate Undazed The Endless Reaches Of My Innocence” (Tahitian Dance) 2:29
Ulysses At The Edge (1955)
26 Ulysses At The Edge (1955) 6:38



Tracks 1-11 Recorded in 1950–51 in Gualala, California, by Harry Lindgren. First released on Partch Compositions, a five-record 78 rpm set by Lauriston C. Marshall, Berkeley, California.

Tracks 12-25 Recorded in 1953 in Sausalito, California, by Oscar Anderson. First released as Harry Partch Trust Fund First Edition in 1953.

Tracks 14-17 ("Ring Around The Moon") are composed for Speaking Voice (on tones), Adapted Guitar II, Kithara, Harmonic Canon, Chromelodeon I, Chromelodeon Sub-bass, Cloud-Chamber Bowls and Marimba Eroica (one player), Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba.

Tracks 18-25 ("Even Wild Horses...) are composed for Adapted Viola, Adapted Guitar III, Kithara, Harmonic Canon, Chromelodeon and Sub-bass, Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, 9/8 Marimba Eroica, wood block and cymbal, tenor saxophone and/or baritone voice.

Track 26 recorded in 1958 in Evanston, Illinois, by James Cunningham. First released on Gate 5 Records, Issue B, in 1962.